Monday, February 26, 2007

Dedicated to all those that had the courage to start Ironman Langkawi 2007

Some of my buddies had a good race, some had an amazing race, some a disappointing one, I for one was just lucky to get away with it, while others were positively unlucky not to finish - most of us probably thought there were things we could have done better but hey, that's why we'll be back next year!

Here's a list of my dedications, if I've forgotten you it's not personal just give me a nudge and I'll put the record straight.

Don Khor M 45/49 11:44:06 - You looked totally in control and fresh from start to finish - awesome!

Mohamed Sofian Ismail M 45/49 16:51:10 - Even with a long-term injury this man confronts Ironman every year and can always find a smile however bad it gets.

Sam Pritchard M 55/59 12:56:59 - 5 Ironman Langkawi's and this is his first finish - just seconds away from qualifying for Hawaii - now that is commitment and a never say die attitude.

Tom Vigors M 35/39 D.N.F. - The unluckiest man on the course, he trained harder than most but came down with a fever a couple of days before the race - he still managed to get within 20k of the finish before being dragged off the course by an ambulance crew (he managed to take a couple of them out first before they strapped him down though).

Fiona Lim F 35/39 12:23:18 - An icon and an Ironman legend!

Joo Ngan Ng M 55/59 D.N.F. - 3rd in his age-group in 2000 but a puncture ended his 2007 Ironman - next year he's thinking about carrying a spare!

(Dr) Tah Ming Tan M 50/54 D.N.F. - In fact he did finish but after the cut off in 17:15. Without doubt the athlete with the strongest mind and will power I've ever met. Good luck in MDS.

Randy Tan M 30/34 D.N.F. - Saw him in the medical room afterwards - not sure what happened but he did what most people wouldn't even dream of - he gave it a shot - next year dude, next year!

Edwin Ng M 30/34 14:45:29 - I was surprised to see him there also very pleased - one thing you need as you struggle round the marathon is a cheerful and friendly competitor - awesome job Edwin and thank for the encouragement.

Koh Hieng Ngae M 50/54 N/A 2007 14:49:24 - Now this is a man to look out for in the future, he only gave it 80% effort as he's training for MDS. A real gentleman!

Ah Thiam Wong M 30/34 N/A 2007 11:20:00 - Another Malaysian Ironman Legend, only a puncture stopped his Hawaii dream for this year.

Hairul Azwar Hashim M 25/29 14:17:24 - This man could hardly walk due to a hip injury let alone train most of last year and here he is completing his first Ironman (and Langkawi is probably the toughest one). He was having a bit of a low point towards the end of the marathon as he had to walk sections of it (as did some of the Pros by the way). Ironman Azwar what you have just achieved was the unthinkable 6 months ago and now no one can take it away from you. I hope the quote below puts it into perspective for you.

When interviewed after completing the Hawaii Ironman in 24 hours Michael Collins, (the son of John Collins, the founder of Ironman), was asked to define a bad day. He said: -

"A bad day is when you're walking the marathon, and you're walking through town and you see the paperboy and he's delivering the paper with the results of the race your still in. That's when you know you're having a bad day."

Finally, this is for all of us that finish Ironman in the dark: -

A quote by Tour de France legend Greg Lamond "It never gets easier, you only get faster."
A quote by Ironman struggler Simon Cross "Shut up Greg"