Sunday, April 29, 2007

I think Daddy got a new camera

Yup, it's official Daddy got a new camera.

This side is my best side.

OK be quick, this is my angelic look.

Is he still there with the flipping thing?

OK mate, I'm off, catch me if you can.

Alright, I've really had enough now, Daddy if you don't stop I'll eat Mummy's mobile!

This tastes good actually.

If the Hat Fits...

I just...

can't seem...
this hat...
to fit!!!!
I'm going to play with my balls instead.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Me boys looking gorgeous at 16 Months

Siddhart doing a little jig.

Sebastian never stands still - EVER!

Me boys doing what boys do - note the remote controls. Most parents seem to want to tell you how smart their kids are in terms of how soon they can walk, talk, count etc... However, our boys excel at calling MacDonald's in Beijing on our mobile phones, they use every remote in the house in conjunction with the correct electrical item (a tad annoying when you're trying to watch the F1 or football) and have identified how to use my Polar Heart Rate Monitor - little demons!

They can also identify a can of beer being opened at 200 metres, behind a closed door!

Another Rugby Dinner

"Another Rugby Dinner" asked Ian - "No thank you", I said, "I think I'm a bit rugby dinnered out, not too mention horribly unfit and seem to be going from one hangover to the next without any apparent recovery".

So that was that until our buddy Paul rings up and says "Another Rugby Dinner?" - before I could say "Definitely - No thank you" he uttered those magical and oft not heard words "IT'S MY TREAT". Aaaahh! "In that case" we said, and the rest is once again history.

Paul suggested that we make a night of it and do the full Dinner Jacket/Penguin routine.

In true Malaysian fashion there we were dressed up to the nines with half the other diners in jeans! Tch Tch.

I shan't bore you but we had a great night. The speakers were Jonah Lomu, Jason Leonard and Francois Pienaar.

Probably the highlight of the evening was when Paul and I marched up to Francois Pienaar to get our obligatory photos and Paul exclaims "My god Francois" (as if he'd known him since childhood) "I can't believe how big you are". Francois looks a bit sheepish and begins to reply along the lines that a lot of people say that and he's a rugby player after all...However, Paul interjects "Naaaa...what I mean is I can't believe how SMALL you are, you look quite big on telly..." at that point I cringed and staggered off back to our table hoping that Paul wouldn't get his lights punched out. Check out the photo and you tell me how big this monster of a man is!!!

Here's Jason, I couldn't believe how wide he was, I gave up trying to put my arm around his shoulder - I pity anyone that had to run into him on a rugby field.

As for my mate Jonah, as you can see he ain't that big - a couple of inches shorter than me by the looks of it.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Honeymoon - continued some more

More partying at the Cricket.

Simon with the Indian Flag and Indian cricket shirt - pity the Indian Cricket team didn't read the script. We saw a sign saying that India and Pakistan had left the World Cup early to prepare for the 2011 World Cup!!!

How much fun are we having at the after match party!

On our last night in Barbados we had to move accommodation as ours was double booked. We stayed with Heather and Simon (and Cleo and Sandy), who have semi-retired to Barbados. We had a really lovely time with them and hope they can visit us one day in Malaysia.

Shilpa hates dogs, in fact all animals but especially the ones with lots of saliva. However, she is resigned to the fact that the twins will probably want one and she made a huge effort to get on with Cleo and Sandy. Not bad considering Sandy is the size of a small horse!

We stayed with Kapil and Ritu on the way back for a couple of days which was great. They've really settled in to their new place and life looks good.
IHOP - "International House of Pancakes", Shilpa was in her element. We had a day doing a little shopping and huge amounts of eating in New York.
Can you believe it Shilpa forgot I existed on our honeymoon - all it took was this - Pancakes and fries!
To continue our New York eating extravaganza we met up with Niko, Shweta and Rahul, together with Ritu and Kapil we went out for a wonderful meal followed by awesome ice-cream at Cold Store (so I was happy) and then Max Brenner, a restaurant totally dedicated to chocolate (so Shilpa was happy) - A “chocolate only” restaurant could only happen in New York!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Honeymoon - continued

Some more pictures of us at the cricket - England vs Bangladesh (England scraped a win)

More Indian supporters there than you could shake a stick at - all going bonkers and dancing in the aisles - needless to say Shilpa felt compelled to join her countrymen.
Went on a bit of a tour of the island - saw some great views but couldn't believe just how small Barbados is.

Stopped for lunch in a lovely restaurant called the Round House and this was the view - gorgeous.

We're on Honeymoon in Barbados

Yep that's right we're on our belated honeymoon five years after getting married - we've even left Sid and Seb at home although we're talking to them everyday on Skype video.
Had a day in New York on the way through.
Caught up with Kapil and Ritu. It was great to see them settled in their new house. We'll see them again on the way back too.
Having a great time, weather is awesome, food good, Rum Punch fabulous and cricket fair to middling.

Will write a proper update when we're back together with some photos and hopefully video (if Shilpa doesn't delete it - you'll see why - nothing racy before your dirty minds start working).

Monday, April 02, 2007

My Big Sister

My sister Angela (centre), finished yet another half marathon. She completed the Freiburg half marathon in 1 hour 59 minutes, despite the cold and the fact that the course was very narrow which caused lots of bottlenecks during the race (very frustrating). Great Job Angela - I'm as impressed and proud as always.

On another note, rumours abound that my Dad is about to embark on his first fun run in the coming weeks - watch this space we will try to get an inside scoop.