Monday, December 19, 2011

Malaysia Boleh!

(Pictures courtesy of TriStupe from Incoherent Ramblings)

My buddy Bryan in Canada thinks that we're all paupers here in Malaysia, I have no doubt that there are more luxury cars per head in Malaysia than Canada and with them costing 4 times as much here that's a lot of cash. However, as this recent pictures just goes to show, a little more spent on flood control might be nice haha.

As for this picture, it's of my home town here in Malaysia, Kajang. No need to worry about all the rabid dogs, the alligators ate all the dogs. Not sure whether this is true or photoshop but you gotta smile, sort of.

Just loved the irony of this picture :)

Then take a 1 minute ride with these guys. You've got to give them credit for being brave  if not daft as brushes.

Friday, December 16, 2011

How deep is her thumb?

Post Phuket 70.3 massage

Now this is what  massage is supposed to be about. Her thumbs have disappeared into my ribcage and clearly I am expressing my relaxed pleasure.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Two pairs of Zipp 404s for sale

A pair of brand new Zipp 404 clinchers. No tyres with shimano body hub (cassettes not included) Selling at $4300 nett.

A pair of used (almost like new, very low mileage) Zipp 404 clinchers with tyres & campy body hub (cassettes not included). Selling at $3800 nett.


You gotta love this ad

Watch this - it could save your life

How strange is this? Yesterday I got the test results of my biopsy on a sore on my chest, it was diagnosed as Superficial Basal Cell Carcinoma, a type of skin cancer. Not aggressive and not too dangerous if removed. It's coming off next week once the stitches from the biopsy have properly healed.

So the coincidence, I was watching a series of most watched videos on YouTube and this one came up. I don't have a melanoma which is a far more aggressive and deadly kind of skin cancer but it could have easily been that. I've never believed for a second I'd get skin cancer, never been too worried about sunblock or sunburn, I've never checked carefully for moles or sores - needless to say I am now a huge convert and will be religious about these issues and urge you to consider them carefully too. Skin cancer is not selective, it doesn't care who it gets, just make sure it's not you or a loved one.

I implore you to watch this short video from start to finish, I have no doubt it has saved and will save many people's lives, watch and learn.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Brilliant Christmas Present Idea

This is a brilliant site for Christmas gifts (or any other time for that matter). Basically they take a photo that you send them and transform it into a caricature in a style that you choose. Currently they're doing a Christmas discount promo too so I thought I'd share.

Getting started: Just upload your image(s), describe your vision, pick an artist and tell us how many people you want in your Toon.

We′ll notify you the minute your Toon is ready and place it in the My Toons section. From there you′ll be able to view your proofs and communicate with the Artist directly.

Once your 100% satisfied, you can download your Royalty Free Toon and check out the Buy Products section to see the cool ways you can display your Toon. They make Great Gifts and we ship worldwide.

Order Now.

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Friday, December 09, 2011

Phuket 70.3 Half Ironman 2011

I had high hopes for the Phuket 70.3, I'd been training hard since September following the Mark Allen Online coaching plan. The volumes weren't as big as I was used to but the intensity greater and two gym sessions a week really knocked me about.

I was very much above my racing weight at 78kg when I began but even by the end of the training I'd only lost 2kg. I pretty much gave up trying to lose weight in the end and focused on staying healthy and sticking to the plan. If I'd forced the weight loss issue I'd have been sick every other week I reckon as my immune system was already struggling.

I turned up quietly confident that I had at least an outside shot at a Kona qualifying place and felt that it would really come down to the run (as it usually does). I'd had an amazing two runs in the Miri races 5 weeks before but a confidence bashing breakdown on the run at Powerman 3 weeks before. However, I had rested well and was hoping for the legs to respond come race day.

I started the swim confidently on the right hand side of the course by the marker buoys. If I got beaten up too much I still had room to move right and come back in line when it all settled down. The swim in this race is unique in half Ironmans, you do 2/3 of the race in the ocean and then run across the beach and do the last 1/3 in the freshwater lagoon. The saltwater part went well but I felt I lost my way a little in the fresh water.

Swim Time 36:14 - pretty disappointing considering the amount of swim training I've been doing. I've clearly got to make some radical changes in how I'm approaching this aspect of the sport.

A good transition and onto Gladys. Time to start pulling people in. The roads were still wet from the downpour the day before but I didn't think much of it until a guy 15m ahead of me sat up to take a corner and at the merest hint of the brake his front wheel slide from under him on the mossy wet road. We were doing a little over 40kph on the flat; the guy behind him sits up to avoid the crash and immediately goes down too. So now I'm doing more than 40kph, I have a narrow, slippery, wet road with two bodies and two bikes sliding down it directly in my path and no place to go. I think quick, there's only one sensible thing to do in the circumstances CLOSE MY EYES AND HOPE haha. It's true but first I aimed at a gap that was starting to open between the bikes and the bodies and then shut my eyes. I got away with it but then I was upon the corner; I cant tell you how much self control it took not to touch the brakes, if I had I was a gonner, as it was I wasn't sure I could get round without the wheels going from under me. Luckily I survived.

That was within the first 5km. I had 85km to go. At least it wasn't the rain wouldn't join us until half way and then it was a downpour of biblical proportions. In the meantime, I caught Steve Lumley who'd come out the water at the same time as me in both Miri races but had gained a 4 minute lead in the swim today. We hit the first massive hills at about 43km. I had a 27 chain ring on the back but even so I was worried that I couldn't get over the hills they were so steep and slippery. If you went to the side of the road the back wheel would slip on the slime. If you were in the dryer middle and stood on the pedals the back wheel would still slip and lose traction. It was almost impossible. I somehow managed but then had to descend. Certainly the most scared I've been on a road bike. People were sliding off and crashing left, right and centre. Even the great Chris Lieto crashed for example.

Again I survived but then the heavens opened up for a tropical, torrential downpour that didn't abate until the end of the bike. At this point I said to myself that all bets were off and it was just a case of survive. But quite honestly from the first crash I'd narrowly escaped a lot of my usual advantage was wiped away as I was being cautious from that point onwards. I rode the rest of the bike in the same vicinity as Steve. At about 75k we hit the next set of debilitating hills. You had to stand to get over them but if you stood the back wheel just spun out underneath you. I created some weird pulsing leg and body movement to try to keep the pedals turning while staying on the saddle to keep the weight on the back wheel. I made it but now I had to descend, it was crazy madness.

There was a max speed limit of 20kph where you would have massively exceeded 100kph had it been straight and you'd freewheeled. The road were severely twisting, the torrential rain was possibly worse and my brakes were starting to cook themselves. All you could smell was burning carbon. I heard Steve behind me shouting to give him room on the inside. "NO" I thought, he had to overtake on the right, this was a yellow flag zone so no overtaking anyway and if I tried to get out of the way I'd probably crash in the wet. Then I heard "NO BRAKES, NO BRAKES". At which point I thought "OH F@&K". Closing my eyes was not an option this time and somehow he managed to get some traction and I lived to tell the story.

Bike time 2:36:51 Compare that to my Singapore 70.3 of 2:13:54 and you'll get some idea of the challenges of this course and weather conditions. The picture above is me finishing the bike - the picture doesn't lie, I was not a happy bunny.

So a reasonably fast transition and onto the run. I was going well from the off and pulling people in. After about 4k though we hit a muddy section on the golf course with some little rises and dips. I felt the heart rate soar and the legs falter. I pushed on still catching everyone in front and only being taken by the relay runners. The second of two laps started pretty well, I caught a buddy from KL, Damian and cracked on. Then I hit the golf course section again. Uh-ho, I had to walk, I needed to walk, I must walk...NO NO NO NO NO NO... I was blowing up big time. I told myself that the next 2k were going to define my race, I reminded myself that I've been telling Sid that he'll make a superb sportsman but he must get stronger in the mind, how could I tell him that and walk.

I made it through what was the lowest point of the race but I was running with the crowd now, no more pulling past my competitors and I saw a couple of guys in my age-group go past. I now had to walk through the aid stations, I just wanted to get to the end. Kona? Bo!!ox to Kona (for today anyway).
Run time 1:40:41 Not a bad time but not what I should have been capable of.

Total time 4:58:01 and 15th place (the Pros started 6 minutes ahead of our wave). I can't complain, I didn't deliver and it's clear to me how much more I need to do to elevate myself to to next level. I'm not disheartened nor disappointed, the field was total class and quality. I turned up with my A- game when nothing less than an A++ would have done. I just need to make that happen on March 25th for Ironman Melbourne.

On a more successful note, Sam scored a second place in his category for the second year in a row. (Only one slot for Kona but he wasn't chasing that anyway). Brilliant job and as I often say "I want to be like him when I grow up", he's an amazing athlete and an icon of our sport.

A big shout out has to go to team Malaysia, they all finished and peaked when it counted...At the awards banquet. The after race party in Phuket is second to none. There is nothing like it anywhere that I have ever experienced. It's so much fun and my fellow Malaysian's didn't let the side down.

And finally I found my A++ game by midway through the evening and discovered pole dancing skills that I never knew I had. Lesley suggests that I look really gay and I think she's right, I was indeed very "happy" haha.

A brilliant weekend that I then extended and went on to have a three day alcohol fuelled bender in Phuket before limping home and trying to shake the inevitable hangover.


Friday, December 02, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Skytrex with Sid and Seb

We recently took the boys to Skytrex which is canopy walking by another name. We did the kids version which was still scary enough. A very cool day for sure.

Gladys loves watching this - yeah baby!

Best Parents of the Year Awards

(Courtesy of Ian Hay)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Killer Whale takes a guy off the beach

(Courtesy of Ian Hay)

I read that this was a fake but blimey it looks real to me and quite upset me.

Monday, November 21, 2011

AISM Triathlon - My proudest triathlon moment

Sid and Seb entered their first ever triathlon, (Seb had done an aquathlon before) the race was at the Australian International School and organised by Damian Baynes and his colleagues.

There were categories from Open all the way through the age-groups to the blue-ribbon event, the Under 6s.

There were 18 under 6 boys entered in the event including Sid and Seb. We were surprised at how many there were and some of the bikes the little tykes had were amazing, some were also on training wheels too which was really cute.

We'd done a fair bit of training in the build up to the race, in particular focusing on the transitions where so much time can be gained or lost especially in such a short race. It was 25m swim, 500m bike and 300m run.

Seb in Lane 4 and Sid in Lane 7
We registered and then spent the whole morning waiting for all the other waves to go and then at last it was Sid and Seb's turn. I have never been so nervous before a race, I mean really really nervous, on edge and totally stressed. I did my best to hide it, Shilpa was the same.

Seb heading to T1
The Under 6 boys and girls swam together so the pool was a bit cramped but both our boys got away well. Seb was second or third boy out of the water and Sid was not far behind albeit a few places down.

Sid in close pursuit
They moved so rapidly to T1 it was hard to keep up. Seb struggled a bit with his second shoe (they're a bit small for him now so difficult to get on). I helped him get it sorted and then turned round to help Sid...Sid was gone already...AWESOME.

I raced out of the transition entry gate to see the boys come flying past. Sid doesn't seem to commit himself on the bike so a bit of "verbal support" got his head down a bit. Seb was after him like a man possessed, he was giving it everything.

Again in what seemed like a flash they were coming back to T2, OMG, Seb had got himself into first position, Sid came in about 5th just a few seconds behind. Their transitions would have made a pro-triathlete beam with pride.

Then disaster struck, Rowan, probably the strongest boy in the field took a right turn too early and having just overtaken Seb, Seb followed him. OH NOOOOOOOOOOO! I'd been heading back to the finish and as I turned round I saw Sid ahead of both Seb and Rowan as they came back from their detour and back onto the race course.

Sid coming to the finish line in 2nd place
I shot through the school to the playing field for the finish, there was Sid zooming round the track with a real focused look in his face, SECOND PLACE! WOW.

Seb still giving it everything
Seb was no where to be seen, then there he was, still running hard but looking dejected, Shilpa was there shouting encouragement and then she told me his shoe came off in a huge mud puddle that they had to run through, Rowan's too. It had taken Seb ages to get it back on again and by the time he finished he'd slid down to 6th place (one place outside the trophies). That was so harsh considering he'd been in first place out of T2.

Shilpa and I are so proud of them both, they both tried their best and despite Seb's problems they seemed to really enjoy themselves. Shilpa and I are both heartbroken about Seb missing out but I guess these are life's lessons that mould us and make us stronger.

As Ezer commented on Facebook "The TriTwins Saga begins"...