Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SMS from Ngae

Need icu and then long rest. Brain op done yesterday. Will update later. Dont worry abt visit time being. Thanks my dear. God bless us all.

I'm thinking of looking for sponsorship

(Courtesy of CNN and Chris Wayman)

Naked pole vaulter seeks new sponsorship in a rather unusual way by streaking through Paris. I wonder if I can get a new trisuit by streaking through KL - more likely 2 years free food and board courtesy of the ISA (Internal Security Act - allows for 2 years detention without trial - NICE).

Narrow Escape for Sid and Seb

The boys went to the science centre today and met their first real live dinosaur. Lucky they can run fast.

Check out their "Home Alone - Macaulay Culkin" faces.

Tuesday's Update - Ngae

I have just heard from Ngae's wife via Dr. Tan that he is recovering well and will be transferred to the ward later today. Again he requests that we are all patient regarding visiting as he needs some rest time before well all descend on him.

This is fantastic news and was what we were all waiting for. As mentioned earlier, I will liaise with Dr. Tan tomorrow about a visit and then give you and update thereafter.

Wishes from Mohan

Dear Simon,

We are all with a very heavy heart, after reading about Ngae's operation. He has touched the hearts of many Malaysians and Singaporeans, and is a very liked character amongst many atheletes in Singapore.

Thank you very much for providing us with timely updates on his condition, for which we are very grateful to you and your sources.

If you do get a chance to speak to Ngae or his Family, please do send our wishes for a speedy recovery, and that he will always be in our prayers.

Looking forward to reading some good news on Ngae.

Regards Mohan

Ngae - Latest

Simon says: - "I'm waiting for an update from Dr. Tan but I've not heard anything yet, I'm sure that no news is good news and that Ngae is recovering well and resting. Needless to say I will post something as soon as I hear.

On another note below is a message from Pin Pin, I'm sure you can appreciate that the worry must be really stressful and clearly the sheer volume of well wishers has its own challenges, therefore can I ask that everyone channels their wishes either through this site (I promise he'll get every single one of them) or through another medium rather than contacting his phone directly - the last thing we want is for our enthusiasm for our friend's recovery to actually be a burden on his family who must be in a awful state of shock and the pressure must be immense.

My plan is to visit tomorrow if they and the doctors are supportive of that. I will then post an update here and let you know what the most beneficial visiting schedule will be.

Pin Pin's message: -

"Dear Simon and all running friends of Ngae,

We thank all of you for your kind thoughts and understand your excitement that he is well. The message that Dr. Tan forwarded to you was from me as per Ngae's request. However it would also be good that Ngae has lots of rest after a four hour surgery [another kind of marathon] and if you all were to visit him during this week you can imagine him talking 13 to the dozen thus how can he rest?

Ngae's request is that he be resting this week [per surgeon's advise] and I fully support him. Could I therefore humbly suggest that Dr. Tan visit him with one or two of you and they could keep you all posted as to Ngae's condition.

It would also be easier on my family and me to just deal with one person instead having to answer so many msgs and calls and explaining the situations. Its very tiring and testing after a long day.

With sincere thanks and regards from Pin Pin & family."

Monday, March 30, 2009

Visiting Ngae - A message from Dr Tan

Dr. Tan has just let me know that the surgeon suggests only visiting Ngae when he is back in the ward rather than while he is in ICU.

I am very keen on visiting him ASAP but will follwo the surgeon's recommendations - he is likely to be in the ward on Wednesday - I'll keep you all posted.

Ngae Out of Surgery

I just received this message from Dr. Tan: -

"Dear friends, Ngae wants me to info u that his surgery is over. He is now in ICU. He is talking 13 to the dozen after a 4 hrs op. Tks for your supporting sms."

Lake Kenyir Tri - Pssssssssssst - DNF

Out of respect for Ngae I am going to keep this very short my focus is on him not the weekend.

A Six hour drive with Shilpa and the boys was bad enough but it's been a long time since I've been beaten up quite so much in a swim. I was out in slightly under 29 minutes and knew I had a lot to do.

I saw Shilpa and the boys as I came out of transition and she shouted that I was fourth in my category. Within 5 minutes on the bike, over the somewhat challenging hills I was up to second place and then caught Wong At Thiam (ex national cyclist and Malaysia's Hawaii rep again this year). We were no doubt both very pleased to have each other for company in this draft legal race and started tearing up the course. Then pssssssssst - a puncture and that was that, I carry no spare so the long walk home began. Actually I got a lift in the end.

I met a rather surprised Shilpa for breakfast with the boys. Spent the day swimming with them and had a lovely time so the weekend was not totally wasted. We then headed home for another 6 hour drive - yuk. Will fly next time I do this race. Bring on the KL - Terengganu Highway.

Beautifully organised and administered again - thank you Mr. Chan, Mrs. Chan and Samantha, Desmond and all the other guys behind this race. Great job.

Ngae in hospital

Got a horrible call this morning from Dr. Tan, Ngae has been taken to hospital with what I believe is a brain tumour. I was in a bit of shock so please wait on a latter post when I have more details.

As far as I understand he is having surgery today and will then be in Intensive Care.

He is at Sunway Medical Centre in room 2306.

Dr. Tan says that there is no point in visiting today but if it's OK with the hospital I plan to go tomorrow morning.

Ngae is one of the good guys, a huge character, always happy and smiling, he's forever got a cheeky word to say or just encouragement for others. Ngae (with Dr. Tan) was the first Malaysian to complete the Marathon Des Sables and is famously known for running barefoot.

He's a multiple Ironman finisher having just completed Langkawi Ironman again at the end of February.

Never was there a more vibrant, likable, energised, healthy guy and this really really shouldn't happen to people like him. But I guess that's natures way. What we must do now is make sure that he knows he is supported and loved to help on the road to recovery, so if you can find time please make the effort to visit him (having had three serious hospital stays myself in the last few years I can tell you from firsthand experience how much it means when people take time out of their busy schedule to visit).

Good luck Ngae, and I'm looking forward to being out on the road with you again in the not too distant future.

Any comments of support that you want me to pass on please leave here and I'll print them out and take them to him.

Friday, March 27, 2009


(Courtesy of Sonja)

Looks like sheep farmers have a sense of humour, some strange imagination and a great deal of spare time on their hands - perhaps the EU should stop paying them so many subsidies.

Stephen Fry on KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport)

For those of you who don't know him he's a very famous British comedian and has starred in such classics as Blackadder, Fry and Laurie (Hugh Laury - House, Blackadder) - the list goes on and on... He has recently been filming in East Malaysia and had mostly very good things to say about Malaysia - this is what he had to say about the airport - and I agree, it is pretty damn good I have to say.

stephenfry - Wow. What a fabby airport KLIA is! For once I wished the onward flight to Denpasar was delayed. Gadget shops, great food. Best Lounge Ever.

What Lance has to say

Video automatically lauched everytime I came onto the blog - it drov me opotty, you too I'd bet.

Anyway here's the link if anyone wants to wacth it - far less intrusive as the video autoplayed everytime I logged on.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cell Phone Gun

Simon says: - "What kind of a sad, sick world do we live in?"

Pacesetters 30k - Gotta be happy with that!

I've got to be happy with this finisher's certificate - not only a PB but I actually look like I know what I'm doing as I come over the line - rather than feeling like I was about to die, as so often is the case. Perhaps I didn't try hard enough!


You gotta be kidding me! - The video

Has Cloning Gone Too Far?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Disco Dave looking for a Carbon Tri Bike

Simon Says: - Disco Dave sent out the below email yesterday - he is looking for a tri specific, (preferably carbon) bike. Disco Dave has fallen in love with triathlon, recently completing his first tri - Ironman Malaysia followed three weeks later by 70.3 Singapore - impressive stuff. Dave has come in for a lot of stick for his climbing technique (think, John Travolta - Saturday Night Fever and you'll get the picture) hence his new name. He also endures my insults aimed at his shag-pile hairy legs which he bluntly refuses to shave, epilate or wax. Clearly he is looking for a flash new steed to take the focus away from technique and legs - so if anyone knows of a decent bike for sale that doesn't break the bank then please leave a comment/email/telephone number below and I'll forward your info to him.

Hi Everyone,

I hope that between you all and your contacts you can please try to help me out?

As some of you know I have been fighting an internal battle to decide whether or not to buy a new bike.

This has been a tough debate I can tell you as despite being quite comfortable without “sex appeal” equipment, I have come to realise that I need every bit of help I can get with my riding. As a consequence, I have been seriously tempting on splashing out and going for a significant investment. However, finally the argument has been settled and at the 11th hour the voice of reason and parenthood stepped in to effectively “save the day” – well save me from compromising other things that are even more important to me than my ride times e.g. the security of my girl’s education.

Because of this I am now in the market for a 2nd hand bike as whilst I’ve decided not to buy new, I have put my previous “weightlifting equipment” that I ride but Emma lifts as part of her strength training in TBB, into retirement back in the country of its birth. Using your local knowledge and network of friends and contacts I would be really grateful if you could put it out there that I am in the market for anything with 2 wheels and that is a few grammes lighter than my old Merida.

Ideally, I’m in the market for a carbon fibre framed Tri Bike but am also willing to consider a decent road bike as well given that whilst no longer a “virgin” I am very much a novice and don’t need to go the full “Monty” so to speak just yet. The size of frame that I need is I believe a 51cm and I’d really appreciate hearing from you if you think there is anyone out there that you or your contacts hear of who is looking to offload equipment that they no longer need.

Many thanks in anticipation of this and for the person that sources me the deal I’m looking for the “usual” commission terms will of course apply J

For those of you going to Lake Kenyir as well this coming weekend, I’m sorry that I cannot join you on this event but I hope that you have a fast & fun race J

Best wishes

Dave aka “Disco”

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to destroy a Cadbury's Creme Egg

Watch and enjoy

You gotta be kidding me!

This is the moment Pedro Olivia, a daredevil kayak enthusiast, rode down a 127ft waterfall to claim a new world record.

He hit speeds of 70mph in his freefall down the Salto Belo falls into the waters of the Rio Sacre, a tributary of the Amazon in Brazil.

The stunt, which took just 2.9 seconds, shattered the existing world record for a descent in a kayak which stood at 108ft.

He survived thanks to unique combination of currents which have been created what kayakers believe to be the softest water landing in the world.

The 26-year-old Brazilian had scoured the area searching for the perfect spot for an attempt on the record.

With a drop almost twice that of Niagara Falls, an estimated 5,000 cubic feet of 70F-warm water gush over the Salto Belo every second.

But the 26-year-old had to tour the 100ft-wide waterfall in search of the perfect boulder-free spot before embarking on his attempt.

Members of his Brazil World Record Attempt Expedition team watched anxiously as he finally slid over the lip of the falls, as they captured the terrifying stunt on camera.

Hurtling head first to the bottom, he disappeared from sight as he plunged into a deep pool at the bottom.

Moments later he emerged, unharmed, behind the waterfall and was even able to right himself by grabbing onto a boulder formation.

Lance you plonker

Lance Armstrong’s comeback suffered a setback on Monday when he crashed and broke his collarbone during the first stage of the Tour of Castilla y Leon in central Spain.

The injury typically takes between a month and six weeks to heal fully and although Armstrong should recover in time to compete in the Giro d’Italia on May 9, he will not now be in the prime racing form that he had planned. The route of the Giro suits him perfectly this year and many commentators feel that he has been targeting it above the Tour de France, but his plans may have to be revised depending on how quickly the collarbone heals.

He would certainly seem to be struggling to make the Giro del Trentino, a four-day stage race starting on April 22 which he had identified as his last warm-up race for the centenary Giro D’Italia two weeks later.

Armstrong, 37, was injured riding only his second race in Europe since coming out of retirement. He was in the main group with aproximately 20 kilometres to go to the finish in Baltanas as the peloton gathered pace down narrow roads chasing a four-man break when he came down in a mass pile-up. A strong, gusting wind was blowing and making conditions extremely difficult.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Simon's Birthday - by Shilpa

Happy Birdday Saimonne!

It was Simon's bday last Wednesday 18th March. I won't mention his age though coz we are unsure of whether he is 34 or 43 years old??? That's any one's guess...

The day started out with the boys giving Daddy their own hand-made cards and singing Happy Birthday melodiously. Off to work and Simon's day was filled with loads of Birthday wishes on Facebook, emails, sms's, phone calls, skype, and Bday cards. Wishes from family is expected and always lovely, but even at this age (34 or 43???), he still gets loads of Bday wishes from friends all over the world and locally. It's always heart-warming when friends acknowledge or remember birthdays - makes the day even more special. He is a lucky, lucky boy!

I baked a chocolate macadamia ice-cream cake for Simon to cut with the boys that evening. Turned out to be a bit of a disaster though - we had melted Haagen Daas ice-cream cake dripping everywhere. I had left it in the chiller but obviously it wasn't cold enough for the ice-cream to stay solid. Oh well, will experiment again another time. Despite the ice-cream not setting, I think the cake tasted good and all 3 boys enjoyed it.

Simon wanted a quiet one this year but it turned out to be NOT so QUIET. Seb n Sid were super thrilled to sing Happy Birthday to Daddy for the 10th time that day (with pianos and microphone I hasten to add), blow candles, give him presents and run around making lots of noise. Definitely made Daddy's day...

And then it was time for Mummy to take Daddy out for a nice meal to celebrate. We had a lovely time and lovely meal at Tamarind Springs.....

Happy Birdday Siimonne.

P.S. Incase you're wondering about the spelling - When I first met Thailand in Bangkok when we worked together, EVERYONE in the office called him Saimonne....they stretched out his name as long as they could....very Thai!!! And it was always BIRDDAY....And guess what I called him???? MR Simon - I was being professional and polite. About 2 weeks after working with him, he said you can call me just SIMON.... No la, he wasn't flirting with me. He just never had anyone call him MR Simon before...

Singapore 70.3 - Sabotage

(Courtesy of Mohan)

This article speaks for itself but if it really was sabotage then this is a big worry - it only takes a small number of idiots to spoil the enjoyment of a large number. This sort of thing would also be really difficult to police too. Let's hope it was an accident and that it doesn't happen again.

(Click on article to enlarge)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

We Like the Green Bags!

(Photos by Tey and Shilpa - CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Write up by Shilpa

We did our second 3 kms Family Run this morning and what an entertainment it was for Simon, my parents and I.

After about 200 meters into the run, Seb n Sid's tummy started hurting, bottom was itching, headaches, fever, sun was hot, stopped for a pee etc etc etc - any excuse to be carried and/or not finish the run.

I was laughing away to glory whilst Simon was taking it a bit more seriously and tried his best to shuffle the kids along to the finish line so that we weren't dead last!!! It was hilarious! Nana and Nani enjoyed their first run with the boys too although they think we really TORTURED the poor little souls by MAKING them walk/run 3 kms. My mom now wants to give them a foot massage (I am not kidding!).

All the way to the finish line with lots of coaxing and cajoling and Seb n Sid had a smile when they got their medals and an even bigger smile when they got some Milo....

But most valuable to Seb n Sid was a green environmental friendly bag.......check them out...

Not sure what our finishing time was and nor does it matter. But we sure weren't LAST...and most importantly had a brilliant family time together!

Simon says: "Check out their new Nike running shoes"

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ganesh was a triathlete

I was recently visiting the Hindu Temple in KL with my family. I was taking in the inscriptions and I came across this triathlon reference.

I'm not entirely sure what he means by it but it must have been an Ironman as he refers to the three disciplines as the threefold miseries - I know what you mean dude!

Our boys are half indian...

By Shilpa...

My parents are here at the moment so we are very fortunate to have my mom cook absolutely yummy Indian food every day. It's brilliant for Seb n Sid as they get to try so many different Indian dishes n dessert - some that I would never cook coz it takes forever to make them. And they LOVE it. So do Simon and I but it's just awesome watching Seb and Sid gobble down everything Nani cooks. Nana and Nani try to inject some Indian culture into the boys every time they come over....a few Hindi words (and I am proud to say that Seb n Sid listen to Hindi music now), visits to Indian temples in KL, Indian attire, Indian food so guess what, slowly but surely, our boys are turning half Indian!!!!

Aw, so sweet. Brotherly love.

Seb n Sid doing the temple rituals with Nani.