Monday, June 25, 2007

Miri Sprint Distance Triathlon - 23rd June 2007

Blimey, what a good result all things considered. The last eight weeks I've been training like a madman with the intent of getting ready for OSIM Singapore Olympic Distance Triathlon at the end of July. The plan was to put in a solid couple of races in Miri and then try to get a podium finish in PD but with my real sights set on Singapore the week after.

I've been paying particular attention to upping my swimming volume and to a lesser extent upping my running volume and intensity. Both have obviously paid dividends.

I had a solid swim, feeling strong and fast ("fast" being a subjective term if you've seen my swimming), I hopped on the bike and got into a nice rhythm with a high cadence. As I hit the infamous hill going out of Miri there were a dozen riders in my sight and by the up and the down of the hill all were dealt with (including Kevin and Iwata) I was in 6th place overall and reeling in Wei and Choi Mun Yong (this lad is 16 I think and is awesome on the bike - I feel sorry if you're in his age-group).

I caught them at the half way point and we drafted together back to the hill (it is a draft legal race I hasten to add). I left them at the hill and came into T2 in 3rd spot.

Within a very short space of time Wei came storming past and really showed his running dominance (very impressive). By half way (2.5k) Iwata-san was closing in on me fast and he passed me soon after the turn. I decided that as I'd suffered so much recently with the big training loads then Mr. Iwata was also going to be made to suffer today if he wanted to beat me. So I matched him stride for stride for the next two kilometers - he surged, he slowed, he ran steady then surged again - all good games but I stayed with him passing the remaining runner in front of us (except Wei) until the last 500m.

My legs are aren't quite there YET and I knew that; at 500m to go the imaginary elastic band snapped and off he went to beat me by a few seconds. I was stoked though and contented myself with a second in age-group and 3rd overall. I also kept in mind that tomorrow was the big race and I was pleased I hadn't cooked myself today. All in all and excellent first intensive race since my accident in September. As you can see we even got a mention in the following day's Chinese Newspaper.


John Chin ( Jc) said...

Hi there,

I'm from Sabah and I really do admire your life achievements! I am also somewhat trying to live with such energy. I will be joining the Miri Sprint triathlon in November this year. This will be my first ever major competition I have done! I am going to be flying in on 20th November. I was wondering if I may have the pleasure in meeting with you. Whilst there I know you'll be busy with the competition too and I was wondering if I may be able to join you too. I am not familiar with the route there you see and I hope you will allow me to practice and train there.
So I hope to hear from you soon and do keep in touch!


Simon said...

Hi John,
Great to hear from you. It will be my pleasure to catch up with you at Miri. I'll be flying in on Friday 27th (I assume I have the dates right as I notice that you'llbe there one week earlier). My plan is to have a game of golf on Friday and then race the Sprint on Saturday and the Olympic on Sunday. I'm not intending to do any other taining other than the races I'm afraid although I'm sure the guys from Miri will be more than happy to involve you in their pre race training.

Very much looking forward to meeting with you. Why not forward your email address (you can get mine from my Blogger Profile) or we can catch up on Facebook or Twitter.

All the best