Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Run fat boy run!

(Courtesy of "Mohan the Great")


Interesting article about not having to be the perfect build to still be competitive. Reassuring for short lumpy fat boys like me.

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jantel said...

Interesting article although BMI is as accurate a measurement for body fat in athletes as measuring max HR as 220- current age.
It is prehistoric , inaccurate and not beneficial for athletes to use to measure body fat. For the very simple reason that muscle weighs more than fat AND sport disclipine dependant , some athletes of different sports have substantially higher muscle to fat ratios than other sports. IE: Rugby , Ice Hockey , Gymnasts as compared to badminton players , runners , swimmers ,etc.
Three days after IM Malaysia 08 , I went to Raffles Hospital Singapore for an all-inclusive health scan that took 6 hours. At 175 cm , 68kg's I was advised that I was 24 on BMI. Being an ex-gym rat for 25 years I hold a fair amount of lean muscle mass. I then went and had my body fat measured the next day at a sports clinic where I was accurately measured at 9% body fat.

I am surprised that Jeanette used BMI in reference to this article , being an experienced athlete that she is , unless she was quoting from another article.
BMI has no place in athletic conversations IMO unless accompanied by accurate body-fat data.
Ok, my 2 cents said :)