Friday, November 26, 2010

I've lost my Mojo


I've lost my Mojo! I think that doing four long course races this year at the level of intensity I was trying to race at was probably too much physically and mentally. I was trying to qualify for Hawaii in three Ironman's and representing Great Britain at the ITU Long Distance Worlds (needless to say I was trying to do well there too).

Consequently I had one cracking race (IMMY) out of the four and three not so good ones. I've had a few podium places at Olympic Distance tris too but then you can bluff those distances if you're fit enough.

What I probably have now is a moderate case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that I'm struggling quite badly to come out of. I keep having abortive tries to come out of it and although the body is responding better each time my mind seems to get a little less engaged at each attempt. It doesn't help that I keep getting sick either and I'm not trying to force my recovery/come back but rather gently trying to prise a bit of Mojo back, slowly, gently; I could almost be accused of being sensible.

I thought that it was all psychosomatic (and it probably is), but I thought that after Ironman Hawaii was over and done with (for everyone else) then I'd come out of it swinging and singing, raring to go for next year. Well that hasn't happened and it doesn't help that the Ironman China website isn't open for entries yet. (At least they've said something positive on it now, see message above). I think that will help when I have a new challenge looming with entries paid and flights booked.

Anyway, in a few weeks I'll be making a very exciting announcement, I am very excited about it anyway, a few of you will be wowed by what I have to say, most of you will probably raise an eyebrow, many of you will yawn and one of you will have your heart broken (it's Ok Shilpa it's not you).

So in conclusion, I've lost my Mojo but I'm looking for it and that's a work in progress. Interesting news to come but in the meantime you'll have to put up with amusing posts and jokes until I have something less depressing to write about.



Anonymous said...

What's your announcement? U retiring? Shilps

JohnP said...

Do something completely non-tri.

Take up mountain biking. Ballroom dancing. Cross-Stitching. Cross-Dressing.

Oh my guess is that is your big announcement though? Gender Change? Can you legally compete in the woman's category after the surgery? Let me know how it goes!

Hope you feel better soon - the suspense is killing us though, just spit it out already!



Brybrarobry said...

I hear you on the CFS, as per my email. Don't rush it bro.

In terms of the announcement, I'm glad to see you're going to get back into juggling.


Perfectionist said...

Oh no, sorry to hear that. Lately I noticed few local athletes having the same CFS problem starting with our wonder women, Emma :(

Take it easy and rest well. I'm sure you will come back stronger than ever and Richard will be racing side-by-side with you ...... only if I have build your fitness level. I'm getting there :D

Simon said...

No Shilps I'm not retiring,

John, I love where you're coming from but I need to start training pretty intensively for Ironman China pretty damn soon so I shall leave the Ballroom dancing, Cross-Stitching and Cross-Dressing to Bryan - the Mountain Biking I might try to do but other than that I'm currently working on getting myself out of this rut and it seems to be working although I thought that last week, and the week before and the week before - yup I know I need to do something different!!!! Gotcha.

Perfectionist, thanks buddy - hopefully I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Anonymous said...

the announcement : a new bike!

Simon said...

Anonymous - New Bike? If this is my wife then I'll take it as your approval to buy one.

If it's someone elde then I assume it's an offer in which case I accept.

Now show yourself!

Anonymous said...

you ignored my email suggestion, so I shall that as affirmation that I am on the money! Chantz

Simon said...

Chantz, your email suggestion? Anyway, thank you so much, I'm blown away that you're sponsoring the new bike for me. Make sure you order it before January 1st as I believe VAT goest up to 20% in the UK then.

jantel said...

Hey Simon,
My famous old coach said to me "Start at the same pace that you will finish".
Initially it never sunk in , but eventually became a phrase that I live my athletic life by , or try to anyway.
Granted , IM does require a solid focus-period of high volume training followed by the event and recovery. Often the recovery phase can be too short as we wish to use this new higher base as a plateau to proceed to new levels of fitness. I learnt that the body rarely works this way unless you are able to incorporate 1 or 2 sleep sessions within the day as pro's do.
I too have gone through a recent stage of a total lack of triathlon interest. I did however run a 21km race 9 days ago that I thoroughly enjoyed. Point being , that we can still "compete" or participate at events but perhaps it is wiser to accurately listen to our bodies.
I believe the body will tell us when it is ready to resume our training. Present feeling s of lethargy and disinterest are temporary and not a life-change. It is merely the body advising us that it is still recovering.
Personally I think Kona is over rated although I too wish to return one day.
Rest and train for the fun of it and enjoyment until full motivation returns.

Good luck mate :)


Simon said...

Thanks Terry, much aoppreciated advice - I have posted it in its own right.