Thursday, December 09, 2010

Nativity Play

Sid and Seb just did their nativity plays at school. I was blown away and somewhat nervous to hear that Sebastian was going to be the narrator of the play. His reading skills are about the best in his year so that wasn't the issue but he does get more nervous at times than Sid so I wondered how he'd deal with it.

Sid on the other hand had asked to be one of the wise men bearing gifts. Pretty cool I thought but I was totally wowed by his confidence and singing prowess when it actually came to it. As for Seb, my concerns were totally unfounded he was amazing and boomed out his lines like he was a pro.

Yes I am an overly proud daddy but I ain't making no apologies for that matey! And anyway, when your boys are as gorgeous, smart, intelligent and gifted as mine then you have the right to be (yes I know, I know, in fact I used to roll my eyes at overly proud parents like me but if you are a father or mother then you'll know what it's like and you'll forgive me I'm sure).


Brybrarobry said...

Kids look great. And your right your boys are as gorgeous, smart, intelligent and gifted.

I'd suggest a paternity test. haha


Simon said...

Whahahahahaha brilliant! I think you're probably right.

Anonymous said...

very funny ... but my question is.. really? no video???
they are gorgeous and amazing... you are truly blessed! and we miss you all VERY much. say hi from Team Saxon. :)

Simon said...

Hey Judi,

Thanks, replied to you on facebook and yes there were videos but 25 minutes each so haven't edited them down yet.