Friday, March 25, 2011

The Japanese Phenomena

(Courtesy of the Nikkei Weekly and "Mohan the Great")

Having just been well and truly beaten by a couple of Japanese triathletes at the recent 70.3 Singapore Half Ironman and with my old friend Iwata-san breathing down my neck in fourth place, I thought I'd dig out this article sent to me by Mohan the Great. It relates to the Japanese and Marathons rather than triathlons or the more topical disasters of recent days but a very interesting read I thought.

Japan has been in the news so much recently with the horrors of the earthquake, resulting tsunami and nuclear catastrophe it makes you wonder what makes these amazing people tick. I don't profess to understand the Japanese but those that I have met I do like very much and without doubt they are a nation and a people that deserve huge respect. They've certainly earned it over the last few weeks in the way they have coped.


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Cheong said...

Yes, without a doubt they already deserve my huge respect having worked with them in the past.

To see them queue for food and water despite the shortage and freezing temperatures (and no looting reported) during the devastation they experience got my admiration further.

It is a great testimony on the way they were brought up as a nation.