Saturday, July 02, 2011

The day is almost upon us


Left arm

It's 7pm, I'm off to bed. Ironman Korea kicks off at 7am in the morning. Alarm set for 3:30am and I get to taste coffee again, yippee!

I have four cans of Guiness draft and four cans of Hoegarden in the fridge for post race recovery. I hope it will be post race celebration too.

Team Malaysia have all dialled in their target times and all have committed to be drinking in a bar by the beach post race (we shall see).

My race number is 591 and can be tracked on throughout the race if anyone is interested. (From 7am Korean time).

I'm roughly aiming for times of: -

Swim - 1hr5min to 1hr10min
T1 - 2min30sec to 3min30sec
Bike - 5hr10min to 5hr20min
T2 - 2min30sec to 3min30sec
Run - 3hr40mins to 3hrs50mins

So best case scenario is 10hrs and hopefully worst case is 10hrs27mins.

Mmm! The concensus amongst team Malaysia is that a 9hr45min will guarantee a Kona slot but a sub 10hr is essential to even have a shot! As I said...Mmm!

We shall see, the projections are all so subjective and race day can throw so many unknowns. I'm determined to win or lose my slot on the run and not by over cooking the bike.

It looks like it's going to be hotter than the previously forecast temperature but hey-ho hot weather follows me wherever I go, I expect it.

Whatever will be will be, I'll give it my best and you can be assured that I'll lay everything down on that race course - there will be nothing left as I cross that line.

Nighty night all.

Right arm


Anonymous said...

all the best..go go go !!

send my regards to other Malaysia IM.


DRog said...

Good luck!

Bryan Payne said...

In hindsight, if it makes you feel any better, those winning AG times are off the chain and if you're not going to get a spot, those are times you can live with and know that there was nothing you could do.

You'll have a better shot in IMLP. It's a primarily american race, no japenese. Actually I didn't even see Englishmen last year. Only Americans and Canadians.

Nice to see you broke your beer abstinance. Hope it tasted good.


JohnP said...

stop procrastinating and give me a race report already!

See you in Lake Placid!!!!


Simon said...

Thanks guys, race report done.

Lake Placid here we come...