Friday, March 16, 2012

Sid and Seb climbing - Amazing stuff

I think my boys are growing up!!!! I'm so proud of them. School reports this week too, I couldn't believe the glowing reports they got - must be Shilpa's genes.

We arrived, I sat down, I turned around and Seb was halfway up the wall

He is a natural, no fear, totaly awesome

It was all over in seconds

He needed a bigger challenge

Sid I thought might be a bit more tentative, I was wrong

Not quite as smooth as Seb but still pretty amazing

Also to the roof in no time

I pointed out to Sid someone's technique climbing an advanced wall, I was shocked to realize it was Seb!!!!

He reached the roof now coming down like a pro

Of course Sid had to climb the advanced wall too

Sid got within an arms length of the roof, wicked

Coming down the fast way haha


Bryan Payne said...

Wow!!! Good on them, that looks like a major climbing wall place and they look like naturals. Tell them nice job from me!

Also, of course they must have Shilpa's genes and not yours? Durrrrrr........hahaha.

I'm even shocked you didn't spelt genes as jeans. haha


Anonymous said...

DRog has left a new comment on your post "Sid and Seb climbing - Amazing stuff":

awesome climbing!
our kids love that stuff too

are you racing a IM this wknd???
if so Best of Luck!



Simon said...

Thanks Bryan, I told them.

Simon said...

Hey Derek,

Yep the boys loved it, great for kids including us big ones.

Ironman Melbourne on Sunday. Thanks for the wishes. Hopefully it'll go a bit better than IMLP.