Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Alice Smith Summer Fair Aquathlon 2012

Shilpa was away so Daddy was in charge - what could go wrong? Nothing actually it was a perfect day. Seb was 3rd out of the water and 2nd boy.

Sid was in the main pack but after their amazing transitions Seb was into 2nd overall and Sid into 4th.

It was a 500m run and Sid stayed super focused to move into 2nd place but Seb wasn't giving up he went past Sid again at about the halfway mark. Super exciting stuff...

Sid could easily have got pschyced out here but he refocused, passed Seb again and finished in a comfortable 2nd overall while Seb came in a few seconds behind with a fantastic 3rd overall.

They both had a great attitude, congratualted Rowan who deservedly won and then went off for a game of tug-o-war.

Prizegiving a little later, where they got trophies that Daddy would have been proud of winning himself.

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