Friday, June 15, 2012

Sebastian's Piano Recital

Now this really blows my mind.

I used to complain when the boys were beginning to learn piano, it was like pulling teeth. Then I was let off and Shilpa took them while I was at work. Then a nightmare, Shilpa made us buy the boys a piano for Christmas and a piano teacher started coming home (while I was at work thank goodness).

But then one day I realised that the boys were playing the piano and actually reading the music as they played, it totally blew my mind.

Here's Seb at a little music recital at his school, he is in year one (6 years old) and you can see/hear why I am such a proud daddy.


Bryan Payne said...

That was GREAT!!!! he made it look so easy. Tell him "Uncle Bryan thought it was just F#CKEN GREAT!!!" haha

Simon said...

Haha, thanks Uncle Bryan, I'll let Mummy know what you said.

Anonymous said...

Very cool:-) reminds me of my trumpet lessons and orchestra practice at school! Long time ago eh? Well done Seb!!!! Love from auntie Angela. We'll see you soon and maybe you can play a bit for us?