Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Shilpa had a bit of a panic this morning as her Blackberry rebooted and all of her new contacts and all of her photos were missing. I said not a problem I'm sure you back it up and sync it with your PC regularly like I've told you so many times...A troubled look came over her face and she said "Yes, 8 months ago" Whahahahahahaha.

Fortunately I got all the data and photos back without much problem but it just goes to show the power of backing up.

That reminded me of a joke I heard some years ago...

One day, Jesus and the Devil were having a discussion about who was best, so God suggested a typing competition. So God sat them down at two computers, one each, and told them to type up an article written on a piece of paper. The first to complete the typing would win.

Anyway, both Jesus and the Devil were typing away frantically, when there was a power cut and both computers switched off. Their typing work had disappeared from the two screens.

When the power was restored, and the computers re-booted, Jesus's work re-appeared on his screen, but the Devil could get nothing back and had lost all his work. So Jesus was declared the winner. The Devil complained bitterly to God saying that it wasn't fair at all and demanded a rematch, but God said,

"Stop whinging Satan, you know why Jesus got his work back - everyone knows "JESUS SAVES!"


Bryan Payne said...

Blackberry???? They still make those things??? Who still has a blackberry???? haha


Simon said...

Good point Bryan, we've been looking forward to upgrading to another brand for ages. In fact as soon as I found out Blackberry's were made by RIM, a Canadian company, I realised what a piece of sh!te they must be. haha