Thursday, October 10, 2013

Inter-schools Cross Country - Sid and Seb in action

Sid and Seb made me incredibly proud again last weekend. They both took part in the annual inter-schools cross country race over 1.5km. They were racing against 7, 8 and 9 year olds (they're 7) so we didn't expect too much and especially as we hadn't trained for it and it was their first ever standalone running race.

The gun went off and 148 kids bolted down the field, Sid and Seb on the other hand were in another world and didn't move until they almost got knocked over. Focus wasn't their strong point at the start of the race haha.

They were soon into their stride though and soon enough I saw them come whizzing past albeit in the middle of the field, oh well I thought, it's all good experience and we genuinely didn't expect too much.

I made my way over to the finishing chute and before long the front runners were appearing around the corner, boy they were moving, I very much doubt that I could have beaten them. Needless to say they were all the older kids, my boys weren't there but I was so excited about seeing these awesome athletes. There was a wicked sprint battle going on for fourth and fifth miles down the ground, wow, it even looked a bit like Sid from a distance, although he was way too far back to be this high up in the field...OMG...IT WAS SID! he picked up so many places just blows my mind.

As it happened he finished 5th and the highest placed boy in his year - what a massive result.

Seb was having his own amazing battle (check out the "look"), coming through the field and although was disappointed not to feature in the top ten medal placings he ran a very credible race especially as running is not his strongest discipline (yet).

Their school won the event last year by just one point, this year they smashed it with a margin of 50 points - OUTSTANDING!

Well done Alice Smith! Well done Sid and Seb.

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