Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Xterra Malaysia 2014 - Oops!

 "Raced" Xterra a couple of weeks ago. Wasn't expecting much as I just haven't trained for more than 6 months now. (Can't get my head around it). I've been doing a reasonable amount of MTBing though, I describe myself as an enthusiastic beginner but some ppl have even said I've become moderately competent haha.

Anyway back to the race. Started off really well and had a great swim. Came out with the women pros and spectators were telling me what an amazing swimmer I was - never had that before. Speed suit off, goggles off, helmet on and heading out of T1. I knew it was good as almost all the bikes were still there. I had a quick look at my watch...WTF! 15 minutes for a 1.5k swim and transition haha I don't think so.

Guess it was a two lap swim whahahahahahahahahaha - turned round, racked bike, found goggles dived back in pretty much in dead last place. Oh well ay! All said and done I enjoyed the swim anyway, chuckled all the way round the second lap and was soon out on the bike.
I love my MTBing these days and have ridden this course a lot. I managed to call a few ppl back who were heading off course, they were very appreciative so at least I got a bit of a feel good factor out of that. I was progressing well and pulling past rider after rider. It was glorious and intense stuff.
I got up the big climb albeit noticed I was struggling a bit on the uphill technical stuff, a clear sign I was over extending myself physically. Never mind, I pushed on and dealt with the slightly technical descent without a problem.
Then a new bit of the course I'd only ridden twice but feeling confident I careered down a heavily rutted trail at 40+kph, until that is, the right hand rut ran out and I tried to drift over the long wet overgrown grass to the left rut. The Shadow (my bike) didn't like that idea and kept going straight. My body was already committed to going left and that's where The Shadow and I  parted company. Fortunately my head (and thank goodness my helmet) took most of the impact. Always best to use the densest part of the body in a fall haha. Computer mount smashed, head hurting, dizzy as a dizzy thing I got back to it, albeit with a lot less enthusiasm.

All the power seemed to have gone out of my legs and I was feeling very dehydrated. It was a very hot day, mid and high 30s. Probably got my nutrition very wrong. Really racing like a beginner today.

A little voice suggested on several occasions not to do the run but somehow I headed out in the blazing sun without much enthusiasm. I managed to run for the first couple of K until I blew up spectacularly and the walks kicked in. Soon it was much more walking than running all the way to the finish.
I HAD NOTHING and that's what you get when you don't train. It was humbling, embarrassing and quite depressing but too be frank. I knew it would be and that is the main reason I forced myself on to the run. I knew I needed to hit a real LOW low to get myself motivated to get back to where I was and to at least get back to 10hr Ironman pace. I've got three months before Ironman Switzerland so prepare for a transformation or take the pee out of me all you like, l'll deserve it.

One or two ppl have sheepishly taken the mickey out of me about my rookie swim screw up. I think it was hilarious, so please don't be shy take the pee all you want, it was very funny.

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