Sunday, January 21, 2007

Christmas Day - The boys first Christmas

We arrived home on Christmas morning at around midday from India. We'd been travelling all night from Jaipur to Delhi, Delhi to Bangkok and Bangkok to KL.

We planned to open Christmas presents with the boys and then have Christmas lunch (a late one as it turned out with our good friends John and Emma).

Of course the boys were oblivious to all the pomp and ceremony and as predicted enjoyed the wrapping paper and boxes more than the presents. We all had great fun though.

The champagne was popped and Christmas was officially underway.

Christmas lunch was next and Shilpa and Emma surpassed themselves making a magnificent traditional spread in double quick time.

Christmas crackers were pulled, bad cracker jokes told (they were actually better than John's best jokes though!) and merriment was had by all.

Later that afternoon Ian, Izyan, Nina and Alasdair came over and so did Mike and Bella, Christopher and Asha. More crackers were pulled and more appalling jokes told until we banned John from telling anymore.

The evening ended off with a dip in the hot tub and more booze of course, before Simon retired to bed feeling a little sorry for himself - as it turned out I had caught a dose of food poisoning from India which turned pretty unpleasant over the next few days but what was worse if that the boys, Shilpa and one of the maids also caught it.

Oh well eh! Christmas day went to plan - AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, WE ALL HAD FUN!