Monday, January 22, 2007

TriTwins First Birthday

At about 5:45 a.m. December 31st 2005 I was just rousing from my slumber to do my usual long cycle when the phone rang and Shilpa said that it looked like she was going to have to have the twins today so would I mind not going for my ride and coming to the hospital. WOW, I was taken aback but she reassured me that all was OK but for the twins health it was decided to have the caesarean now. Don't worry she said we'll wait for you.

So I shaved, brushed my teeth, showered, had my breakfast and then made my way to the hospital. It turned out that all was not quite as "OK" as Shilpa had expressed an breakfast at least should have been skipped - I arrived to be told that it was already happening and was told to sit in a chair and not watch through the little window at what was going on - I watched anyway.

Minutes later two very premature babies were whisked out and to the NICO ward - that was 12 months ago now and it seems like only yesterday and yet lifetime ago too - it may not make much sense but I know what I mean.

Anyway a year of highs and lows, tears, scares, joy and laughter have passed by (not to mention a fair share of pooh, vomit and sleepless nights) - it has been a rollercoaster alright but now on December the 31st 2006 it's Sid and Seb's first birthday.

Shilpa had organised a little party for them with balloons a gorgeous cake and of course lots of presents.

My Mum and Dad were here too so that was an added bonus for the party.

Sid and Seb were still a bit under the weather from their bout of food poisoning (Sid had even had to spend two days in hospital - poor little lad), they put on a brave face though and did their best to enjoy themselves.

Today was truly a landmark in all our lives - Sid and Seb, thanks for coming to join us; we love you - HAPPY BIRTHDAY.