Thursday, July 16, 2009

Alpe d'Huez Long Distance Triathlon

KL Marathon - DONE. PD Triathlons - DONE. Now time to think about Alpe d'Huez Long Distance Triathlon in less than two weeks eeeeek!

No only that, can you believe we arrive in Paris early in the morning on the 26th - the finish day of the Tour de France and I didn't even make the connection - aggggghhhhh! What an idiot. Now I have to see if we can get a later train so we can watch the riders do the circuits of the city centre - and see Lance pick up NUMBER 8 of course.

Latest update: Too much logistical nightmare to change trains car hire etc... so I'm going to have to put this one down to experience and miss the finish in Paris. Anyway I need to focus on the freezing frigid waters of the swim, the nightmare climbs of the Alps and the dizzying, lung busting altitude run of the race.

Alternatively I'll do what I usually do and DENY any of it is actually happening until the gun goes - there I feel better already.

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