Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Brand vs Bland

I took great delight in seeing that the Tour d'France Team Time Trial was taken apart last night by the boys riding their TREK TTX SSL's.

I also had a wry smile on my face when I noted that the Cervelo Team could only manage an eigth position - yes that is a long way down isn't it?!!! Do we blame the riders or the bikes?

Of course "everyone" (almost everyone anyway) seem to ride Cervelo's these days in Malayia. I'm considered a bit of an eccentric riding my whacky non-conformist Trek. I'm starting to ask myself "Could so many people be so wrong?".

I have surely raised the heckles of all the Cervelo riders in Malaysia and no doubt now have very few friends left. Never mind, you can all whoop my a$$ on Saturday and Sunday in PD (although I will have an unfair advantage and I call her Black Beauty, my beautiful Trek TTX)


heckler said...

I smell war :)

Simon said...

War?!!! You have to catch me first and you must remember that I have a Trek so it'll be difficult!!!!