Monday, October 12, 2009

Kona Diaries - Race Day afternoon & evening

From Sergeant Sam: -

Carmen had a tough day on the bike. Her split time was similar to or even more than last year at around 7 hours. She said the wind was severe again this year but she found that using road wheels instead of aero wheels helped her confidence on the aero-bars. At least she got back in one piece without any mishap.

So she started her run at around 3.40pm and she still managed a nice smile as she left T2. I saw her again while passing Lava Java, the favourite haunt for triathletes during IM Kona. She was in a positive mood and resigned to the fact that she could not do a fast time. No sooner than she passed me, I saw Mr Yee coming in the opposite direction having just started his run. Yee was all smiles as usual albeit when I asked him how he was he answered “I am f***ed!” Even so, he soldiered on in his inimitable style.

With Carmen out towards the Energy Lab, this allowed me time to check out the pros. And I got some photos of Craig Alexander, Chris Lieto, and Chris McCormark. Not long after the pro men, Chrissie Wellington appeared on her way to a third consecutive win. She was absolutely flying on the run.

Of the age groupers that I knew in the race, Michael Waldau had an awesome race and finished in around 12 hours which is very respectable under the testing conditions. After Michael had passed, I then waited for Carmen to appear and true to form she appeared after doing yet another 4.5hr marathon.

I duly handed her the Malaysia flag and she held it up aloft while she ran down the finishing chute and over the finishing line. She told me immediately after the race that she would not do any more IM. I think we all know that feeling of saying “I’ll never do that again” only to re-discover the bug a matter of days afterwards. So, I am taking that remark with a pinch of salt.

I have to say that Carmen did suffer from a bout of nausea after the race and she looked a bit ‘pink around the gills’ but nothing that a good rest will not cure. We did want to return to see in the final competitors but Carmen is already fast asleep in bed and I don’t intend to disturb her.

Anyway, congratulations to her for yet another finish at the World Ironman Championships.

I have my fingers crossed that Yee will finish in time. [Simon says: - Mr Yee finished in 16:32:41 not bad for a 72 year old ay! - Congratulations Mr Yee, you are indeed and inspiration to us all].

Tomorrow (Sunday) will be a true rest day where a big American fry-up breakfast is called for washed down by Kona’s finest coffee. Once that is out of the way, Carmen and I have been invited to Mr Yee’s son wedding at the nearby Sheraton Hotel where the obligatory dress code is shorts and tee shirt. Brilliant!


heckler said...

congratulation to both Mr Yee & Carmen.
Saw you guys crossing the finishing line. awesome!

plee said...

Mr Yee : Wow! A wedding celebration after the World Championships.... Life doesn't get much sweeter than this!

Carmen : Congratulations and well done!