Thursday, October 08, 2009

Kona Update

An update from Sergeant Sam and Kona Carmen: -

"Hi Simon

We arrived yesterday morning completely knackered after such a long journey. Luckily, we are feeling a bit more human today after a long sleep. I got your sms (in the middle of the night [Simon says: - Oops, sorry Sam, I did send it during the day your time though it must have got delayed on-route]) and I am still waiting to hear if Wong managed to get his visa. I have asked Emma and/or Daniel to let me know since I will pick Wong up from the airport.

Yesterday was cloudy and overcast but today it’s hot, sunny and very humid. It’s just like Langkawi on a moderate day. We took part in the Parade of Nations last night under the Malaysia flag. There were 7 of us in total. Mr Yee had his son carried the flag pole; Mr Yee carried the banner and the rest of his family were there in support (wife, daughter who traveled from Newcastle, UK and about-to-be daughter in-law) plus Carmen and me. It was great fun and we heard Wit Raymond call from the side pavement “Malaysia Boleh!”.

As you can imagine, the buzz and excitement of the Kona event is building by the minute. You can not escape hundreds of fit looking people including old farts doing some last minute training and riding on some very sexy bikes. In a break from tradition, the race this year will not be marking age group details on the athletes’ calves in recognition of the fact that many athletes will be racing with compression socks. So the only way to check out if someone is in your age group is to look at the colour of the wrist band. Not so easy perhaps on either the bike or the run. Anyway, this tells you that there is some benefit from using compression socks and if the wide range available in the Expo is anything to go by, athletes are buying them. Something for you and me to think about.

We are about to head out to attend a Team TBB gathering at the Royal Kona Resort Hotel. Hopefully, there will be a group photo where Carmen can feature. If I get some nice photos, I’ll send them to you. Cheers for now.


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