Friday, July 23, 2010

Challenging they said - madness more like!

Check out the bike course profile for next week's ITU Long Course World Championships in Germany. 2000m of climbing over just 130km. Madness!!! And I'm supposed to run a fast 30km after that - (I'm already in denial over the 4km swim that precedes it).



plee said...

Have a blast of a race Simon! Engines all well tuned and purring like a lion. Race strong and safe at ITU LD World Champs!

Simon said...

Thanks Paul - I'm gonna do my best.

jantel said...

Good luck Simon , it appears from your performance in PD ( I saw the results ) that you are in excellent shape and in peak condition. Congrats on getting there and hope you race past your potential !

Simon said...

Thanks Terry - not in peak condition actually but enough shape to bluff through PD. Long course and hills here will likely expose my current weight and lack of endurance running due to my calf tear.

That said,it's for Queen and Country so a bit of Dunkirk spirit will no doubt help me pull off a surprise if there's a surprise somewhere in me.