Monday, November 21, 2011

AISM Triathlon - My proudest triathlon moment

Sid and Seb entered their first ever triathlon, (Seb had done an aquathlon before) the race was at the Australian International School and organised by Damian Baynes and his colleagues.

There were categories from Open all the way through the age-groups to the blue-ribbon event, the Under 6s.

There were 18 under 6 boys entered in the event including Sid and Seb. We were surprised at how many there were and some of the bikes the little tykes had were amazing, some were also on training wheels too which was really cute.

We'd done a fair bit of training in the build up to the race, in particular focusing on the transitions where so much time can be gained or lost especially in such a short race. It was 25m swim, 500m bike and 300m run.

Seb in Lane 4 and Sid in Lane 7
We registered and then spent the whole morning waiting for all the other waves to go and then at last it was Sid and Seb's turn. I have never been so nervous before a race, I mean really really nervous, on edge and totally stressed. I did my best to hide it, Shilpa was the same.

Seb heading to T1
The Under 6 boys and girls swam together so the pool was a bit cramped but both our boys got away well. Seb was second or third boy out of the water and Sid was not far behind albeit a few places down.

Sid in close pursuit
They moved so rapidly to T1 it was hard to keep up. Seb struggled a bit with his second shoe (they're a bit small for him now so difficult to get on). I helped him get it sorted and then turned round to help Sid...Sid was gone already...AWESOME.

I raced out of the transition entry gate to see the boys come flying past. Sid doesn't seem to commit himself on the bike so a bit of "verbal support" got his head down a bit. Seb was after him like a man possessed, he was giving it everything.

Again in what seemed like a flash they were coming back to T2, OMG, Seb had got himself into first position, Sid came in about 5th just a few seconds behind. Their transitions would have made a pro-triathlete beam with pride.

Then disaster struck, Rowan, probably the strongest boy in the field took a right turn too early and having just overtaken Seb, Seb followed him. OH NOOOOOOOOOOO! I'd been heading back to the finish and as I turned round I saw Sid ahead of both Seb and Rowan as they came back from their detour and back onto the race course.

Sid coming to the finish line in 2nd place
I shot through the school to the playing field for the finish, there was Sid zooming round the track with a real focused look in his face, SECOND PLACE! WOW.

Seb still giving it everything
Seb was no where to be seen, then there he was, still running hard but looking dejected, Shilpa was there shouting encouragement and then she told me his shoe came off in a huge mud puddle that they had to run through, Rowan's too. It had taken Seb ages to get it back on again and by the time he finished he'd slid down to 6th place (one place outside the trophies). That was so harsh considering he'd been in first place out of T2.

Shilpa and I are so proud of them both, they both tried their best and despite Seb's problems they seemed to really enjoy themselves. Shilpa and I are both heartbroken about Seb missing out but I guess these are life's lessons that mould us and make us stronger.

As Ezer commented on Facebook "The TriTwins Saga begins"...


Bryan Payne said...

Best race report ever. Serious. More interested in this one than any others, the drama had me going. We're's SEB???? Where's SEB???

Congrats to the boys, tell them Uncle Bryan says congratulations and that it's good to see they have their mothers athletic ability and not their fathers. haha.

Nice hardware too. Nice looking day too. Nice looking pool too. ......Hey, why aren't I living there????.....Oh yeah, rickets. hahaha


Way ta go boys!!!!

JohnP said...

WICKED AWESOME RACE REPORT! Like B said, these are the BEST race reports to read!!!

Great to see they enjoyed themselves!!

Tell them their fans from back here in Canada are proud of them! Congrats!!!

Talk about a proud daddy moment!!!

Simon said...

Thanks guys, I'm still choked up with pride and Seb doing really well now he can reflect on it and understands that he gave it his best effort and did himself proud.

I'll show them your comments tonight, they'll be really stoked to read them.

Mike said...

That is awesome! They did great and you are obviously setting a great example. Love the picture at the end with them smiling wearing their ribbons. Priceless.

Lindy said...

Wow! I race report EVER! Awesome pictures of the boys.

Sid & Seb - CONGRATULATIONS on your first triathlon. Uncle Rueban and Aunty Lindy in Canada are really jealous. We've never even done a triathlon yet; you've beat us to it! Uncle Rueban doesn't even know how to swim yet. Maybe you can give him lessons! I hope we'll get to see your medals when we're in KL in December!