Friday, September 30, 2011

Chrissie Wellington takes a tumble 10 days before Kona


Simon says: -

As far as I understand it, Chrissie got a flat front tyre as she was cornering and the rest I'll leave to your imagination and the pictures. She says she'll be racing which is great news and showing her true British Dunkirk Spirit. Looks like she won't be doing much swimming in the build up though.

My money is still on her cleaning up in emphatic style. One might say that she's a real good sport, leveling the playing field and giving the other girls a chance. On the other hand how humiliated will they be when she nukes them days after a bike crash?

She's an awesome lady whichever way you look at it - Go Chrissie Go

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JohnP said...

Now she's just gonna beat their ass that much harder lol