Friday, October 07, 2011

New Garmin 910XT - looks promising

Mmm, me thinks I have one of those.

Here's a really really great review of the new Garmin 910XT at DC Rainmaker


Cheong said...

Just wondering if the battery is "embedded" on the circuit board like most Garmin products. i.e. battery change is not as straight forward as regular sports watches. Thus, once the battery is no longer chargeable, the watch is a write off. True?

I assume you are a Garmin forerunner user of a prior model, how long does the chargebility of the battery last before one has to write off the watch entirely. Thanks

Simon said...

Hi Cheong, sorry no idea at this stage. Certainly friends that have used Garmin's in the past have complained about that very point regarding Garmin's and also the fact that you have to charge them everyday.

I had the Forerunner 301 but it got stolen. I used to get fed up with the lose of signal so I reverted to my Polar watches.

I will probably try this model though. I'll likely add a foodpod and censor for the bike so that if the signal drops out then it'll switch to the manual devices.

Looks like a potential Christmas present from the wife haha

Cheong said...

Thanks Simon. Wow what a Christmas gift it would be. Let us know how the new forerunner works out for you.

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Quick Sport Malaysia said...

The battery is replaceable. The FR910XT is well reviewed by the users. mostly local runners/triahletes.

If you are with the 910XT's Quick Release Kit, you can easily mount it on the handlebar when you are heading to transition Swim->Bike, and back as "watch" when Bike->Run