Thursday, October 06, 2011

Offended? - well deal with it!

(Courtesy of Allan Malcolm)

I wrote a sarcastic email recently rebuking a friend of a friend for sending me a generic mass email trying to drum up business. It purported to be a personal follow up but he doesn't know me from a bar of soap and it contained a couple of white lies. This is the second time I've asked him to take me off his mailing list. I was annoyed but had the foresight to run it past my business partner first in case I offended anyone. This isn't too rude is it?" I asked "Not for you!" he replied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oops, that told me, I sent it anyway haha The I saw this clip today, ha!


Bryan Payne said...

hahaha. Finally some good british humour. Don't be offended with that remark. haha


Simon said...

BryBaby, he's not British u Numpty.