Thursday, April 05, 2012

Sid and Seb go jungle trekking - Fraser's Hill

Shilpa and I took the intrepid Sid and Seb on a visit to Fraser's Hill. The plan was to do a bit of a jungle walk and then go horse riding, archery, waterfalls, pedal boating, the whole works for a family day out. After a three hour drive we got there and the place was deserted - very cool. Also it was very cool as it is a hill station and the extra altitude keeps the heat and humidity down nicely.

We did the fist trail, The Hemmant Trail, but it was more like a path through the jungle so we decided to head for the more adventurous Bishops Trail that was quite tricky, especially for 6 year olds and infested with blood sucking leeches according to the guide book.

We were all paranoid about getting eaten alive by leeches but fortunately is was reasonably dry so we were spared...that was until the heavens opened up about 10 minutes before the end of the trail and another kilometre to the car. Needless to say we were soaked to the skin and the boys sense of adventure and sense of humour vanished.

Then the thunder and lightening started striking all around and their misery turned to terror...haha (oops I shouldn't be laughing). I deposited the boys and a rapidly souring Shilpa in a admin office and trudged down the hill to the car. Family rescued, clothes changed and hot chocolate somewhat improved the mood; although as the rain wasn't looking like it was going to abate we abandoned Fraser's Hill for a 3 hour drive home, a promise of ice-cream and the memory of a semi-adventure and a 1 hour 40 minute trek trough the jungle.

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