Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Seb and Sid go water skiing & wake boarding for the first time

Shilpa and I took the boys water skiing and wake boarding for the first time on Sunday. It was brilliant, the boys took to it so naturally. Sid was the slightly better water skier and Seb was the slightly better wake boarder. One thing is for sure, they're both better than me. I tried water skiing once in the Caribbean and wake boarding about 10 years ago in Malaysia both were similar experiences...I got dragged behind a boat about 6 inches under water haha

We're going again on Friday and this time the it'll be the boys AND Mummy & Daddy having a crack at it.

Incidentally, the location is hopefully the swim course for a 2013 Malaysia Ironman at Purajaya. Fingers crossed on that one. I'm entering IMNZ tomorrow morning anyway.

Seb super focused

Seb thinks it's so much fun

Seb just loving it

Seb the wake boarder

This is brilliant

Sid a natural water skier

Sid freaking out a bit

This is just too easy!

Sid super focused

OK wake boarding, bring it on

BIG FUN, Sid and Seb with their coach

Daddy enjoying the show and sneaking a few beers in


Matty O said...

Love water skiing. That is what we do after we take the boat out for our open water swims :)

Wake boarding is a lot more involved, but still fun.

Glad you guys had a good time!

Simon said...

Thanks Buddy, we went again today and I had a go - I'm a natural haha