Monday, March 19, 2007

18th March 2007 - 41 Years Old

Today was my birthday and to celebrate it I did the KL Marathon. Having survived that, my lovely wife had invited a few friends to celebrate with me for a champagne brunch at the Westin KL.

John and Emma were there.

Emma had also completed the half marathon.

Mike and Bella too.

Bella and Shilpa had completed the 10k run.

The final members of the team were Ian and Siti.

Ian had completed the half-marathon.

Everyone else that had ran all seemed fresh as daisies (and I pretended to be too).

John, Mike and Siti think we're all bonkers by the way. Having said that, John did mention that he had managed a PB (personal best) that very morning - he'd made it to the bathroom and back to bed in a new record of 30 seconds - Well done John!

Monday in the office was a bit tough, I arrived late and felt like I'd been hit by a bus (and I know from experience how that feels). As is the office tradition on everyone's birthday, we have a cake and sing Happy Birthday, while the birthday boy/girl try not to get too embarrassed.

Lovely! And that's another birthday for another year.