Saturday, March 31, 2007

One of our Men at MDS writes...

Hi my guru: Thanks for all the tips and pointers. That really help us here. Just finished the marathon stage in about 7 hours or just under. I was so carried away that for the first time I took out and flew the Malaysian flag in the last 500 metres.

Thank you also for your emails and sorry for not queuing for to send you a reply earlier. Pls say thanks to Mike Steven for his email.

I as stupid enough to incur 1 hour penalty on the second day for check in 5 min late on the second day morning. Otherwise I like it so far. I also waited for Dr. Tan in check point 5 during the long leg to finish together in the nite and he owed me a favour for that.

Can you also forward this to and pacesetters club to let them know our status.

Another 11 k tomorrow and we are done. Hurray and see you real soon. Cheers!!