Friday, March 30, 2007


Here's Hayley collecting her "Woman Runner of the Year" award 2007. It was sponsored by Adidas and for some strange reason they thought making her wear a Men's LARGE tracksuit would be a good photo op! You look great Hayley but Adidas you need to get your act together. (By the way it was a cowboy theme for the evening which explains the dude on the right).

A group of us the day before the Langkawi Ironman. Sam and Carmen on the extreme right. Dr. Tan 3rd from right and Ngae 4th from the left (they are currently competing in the toughest foot race in the world - Marathon Des Sables - 240km ultra-marathon, carrying all of your own provisions across the Sahara Desert!!! Awesome Guys). Then there's me in green next to Dr. Tan and Joo Ngan at the front (the man that got me back into triathlons).Next is Japanese Sam - never to be seen without a smile on his face - doing his first Ironman.

Sam and Tom just before the 2007 Langkawi Ironman - both looking extremely cheerful. Sam had never managed to conquer this Ironman (although he has many others) and this was Tom's first attempt. Tom and his partner are soon expecting their first child - good luck Tom.

Sam with a gong around his neck and a Langkawi finish under his belt looking fresh as a daisy and just seconds away from Hawaii qualification. AWESOME!