Monday, May 28, 2007

Chris Wayman made it to 40!

But will he make it past Busselton?

Chris (he's the one holding the bottle), is 40! It's official - Happy Birthday Chris.

Chris and I met in college days on the sailing circuit. He was at Cardiff University and I was at Kingston Poly. We started sailing together in a Team Racing team that he'd put together called the "Welsh Mercenaries" (later renamed "The Mercenaries"). We were both wild men although Chris managed to carry it off with a bit more charm than I.

I recall once when he enlisted a new first year student as a crew, rather than talk to her I just sprayed her with beer every time I saw her - It seemed rather funny at the time but you can imagine that it led to a long difficult reconciliation period when Chris eventually married her, sorry Chantal (in green on Chris' right).

Chris' birthday present as you can see is an entry to the Western Australian Ironman in December. I have also entered and so has Sam. Also KK confirmed on Sunday that he'd also entered with a couple of other Malaysian guys. Yeah ha!

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