Monday, May 21, 2007

Paceseeters 15K (very hilly) Race 20th May 2007

The Pacesetters 15k race every May is one that some runners look forward to in order to test their early season form; others consider it with dread as it is a hilly mother of a race; and I, well I neither worry about form, speed nor hills - for this race to me is a jolly trot around with friends, smelling the flowers, taking in the atmosphere and if I can possibly squeeze under 1 hour 30 then that would be nice, but if not - oh well eh!

This year I ran around with Sheenie, (my ex swimming arch rival - she's semi retired now). There was banter and silliness all around and we must have really annoyed some of the more serious "back of the packers" but hey - SMILE!

She reminded me of a very profound piece of knowledge I imparted to her on this run the year before - "There are no hills!" It's a bit of a play on the words "There is no spoon" from the Matrix - At this point you will either understand or not, if not don't worry.

Here are a selection of pictures in no particular order (these are the pictures I have so far - if you have anymore then send them to me and I'll try to include them). First this is Petsy, one hell of a lady, she still does Ironmans, triathlons, duathlons and whatever else she can get her teeth into. Great job Petsy and may you keep racing forever - you are an inspiration to us all.

Here's Sam, the birthday boy, we went over to his condo later for his birthday party which was a really great get together. I even took the twins down a water slide there - not sure whether it scared them or me the most! Probably me!

Shen, plugged in and looking cool.

Hayley really wasn't well and had a terrible race "Going backwards from start to finish" was the quote I got at the end - She still came second over all - She is a phenomenon - amazing!

Julie looking like the cat that got the cream. She went out to the early hours the night before to watch the FA Cup final, got plastered on red wine and is carrying a long term injury that stopped her taking part in the London Marathon. We agreed by text message that she would take it easy and jog round with me. In actual fact I didn't even see her and in her words she "Took it easy" - In doing so she came third! The moral of this story is - go out, enjoy yourself, get lashed and ignore everything coach Simon has to say.

KK looking strong.

Ngae (of Marathon Des Sables fame), looks like the race started just a little too early for him. A bit more sleep needed the night before Ngae! And next time don't forget your shoes!

I've no idea who this bloke is but he looks like he's my sort of guy!

Dato Dr Tan (of Marathon Des Sables fame) tried to sneak past me when I was on my way home. You were caught Doc but as always with a big smile on your face - a Malaysian legend if there ever was one.

Goh, not sure what position he was but saw him getting a prize - well done dude.

Stephanie looking as sporty as ever.

Emma didn't let me catch her up this year - spoil sport! She's getting faster and stronger every week.

Carmen looking totally in charge.

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bola2api said...

sheenie looked like she's in good form. Triathlon will be missing one good competitor if she decides to retire.

p/s: sheenie was my schoolmate from primary to secondary school. Same class for 9 years.