Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sam's Birthday Party

Having completed the Pacesetters 15k relatively unscathed many of us made our way to Sam's new condo on Sunday evening to celebrate his 57th birthday.

As you can see Carmen organised an amazing cake for him with an edible picture of Sam having completed Ironman Langkawi earlier this year - the smile says it all. Sam loved his cake but was terrified that he would actually have to eat some of it (you're a bit too healthy for your own good sometimes Sam!). Anyway I told him he had to show willing which he did before running off before he was made to eat more.

Sam and Carmen. Sam cutting his cake and making a wish - he was definitely heard mumbling something about Hawaii!!!

We arrived early with the boys so they could go swimming and get a few beers in before bedtime - here's Sid looking as angelic as always.

And Seb eyeing up that water slide - he wasn't so enamoured with it when Daddy took him down it and submerged 3 feet under the water. Spectators are still not sure who had the biggest look of shock on their face when we surfaced - I know I was expecting words from Shilpa but she was remarkably calm about it.

The boys with Daddy, resplendent in his shorts and sporting very cuddly love handles. (I'm working on it - watch this space).

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