Monday, July 09, 2007

Sporting Spectacular Sunday

Wow what a day, PD tri clinic in the morning (see earlier post). I then watched the Wimbledon Women's Final (Venus won, what an amazing bloke she is!),

British Grand Prix (Lewis Hamilton on the podium again).

The Tour de France in Kent, England - David Millar (England) winning the Polkadot jersey by the most nail biting and narrowest of margins.

Robbie McEwan (English Parents, British passport but rides for Australia!) crashes with 21k to go, still not back in the pack with 5k to go and even if he'd been there the roads were so narrow that he'd never have got past the 150 riders bunched up in front of him.

The sprint started winding up with flashes of different team jerseys everywhere but with the commentator lamenting that is was sad that Robbie was nowhere to be seen and he never stood a chance of getting back into it. Then with about 30 meters to go there was a flash of a pink jersey and McEwan came from nowhere (and I mean NOWHERE) to win the sprint finish with a damaged back, damaged wrist, finger and elbow and covered in road rash. Wow, I'm not much for hero worshiper but I have a new respect for this man.

With that done I watched most of the Wimbledon Men's final but had to concede defeat after 4 sets and go to bed - it looked like Roger Federer had blown it anyway - to my surprise and delight I saw in the morning that he's won his 5th straight Wimbledon final. Big respect!

A couple of other results (thank goodness for remote controls and 4 sports channels on Astro), Jamie Murray (the younger brother of Andy) won the mixed doubles final - now that's a turn up for the books a Brit winning something at Wimbledon.

And Colin Montgomery won the European Open at the K Club to end a 19 month winning drought - nice one Monty.

I prefer to "Do" rather than "Watch" but having done the tri clinic in the morning I gave myself permission to be a couch potato Sunday evening - I even had a couple of beers and Shilpa cooked me the most amazing pasta you've ever had (My wife is the BEST cook I know by a very long way).

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Adrian said...

ha! looks like your day was much the same as mine apart from me playing on the beach in the a.m. instead of doing the tri clinic.