Wednesday, July 18, 2007

TDF Correspondent

More from TriTwins very own Tour De France correspondent Sam Pritchard. We have embedded Sam with a platoon of Frenchies in the Alps and this is his latest report. (We are a bit concerned that Sam thinks David Millar is a top tottie but each to their own).

"I rode up to Val D'Isere yesterday morning (about 20k with a 900m ascent) and hung around in the heat for over two hours until the start. However, the atmosphere was still brilliant and there was loads of top totty around, including David Millar (see photo).

I did not ride up the first climb after the Tour riders in case I overtook them! I had been hanging around for too long and I was not going to wait until the Police decided on when they would open the road again.

Instead, I plan on doing one of the Cols the Tour did on Sunday (Cormet de
Rosland) tomorrow and then I will tag on another two cols to make it a nice and hard circuit. Today is a run/swim day.

What about that Colombian yesterday on the Col de Galibier? He stormed off like a man possessed. He probably laced his sports drink with a touch of Colombia's best white powder!"

DISCLAIMER1: The writer's views regarding the Colombian's performance are purely personal and in no way reflect the views of TriTwins.

DISCLAIMER2: The writer's views regarding his ability to overtake the peleton are purely personal and in no way reflect the views of TriTwins or any other sane human being.

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