Monday, July 16, 2007

Tour De France

Sam is sitting sweet in France - the tour went past his house yesterday and this is what he had to report: -

"The Tour de France is coming to town today so no guesses at what I will be doing today. I will be beside the road on the last climb (about 20k to the finish) in my village Ste Foy Tarentaise. So keep an eye out for me on the tele! I reckon the leaders will pass me at around 4.30pm (2230 KL time). I cycled all three climbs of today’s stage albeit I did in two days!

I went to check out the finish line in Tignes yesterday and all the barriers were up ready for today’s race (see the last climb to the finish line). The route up the hill is littered with camper vans and people in tents and some are equipped with their own satellite dish (see photo).

Clearly, watching the Tour is serious business. As I cycled the last 20k of today’s stage yesterday, the atmosphere was fantastic and even though I was plodding up at a snail’s pace compared to the pros, people shouted encouragement at me. You would have loved it. If you can imagine the hill back from Titi lined with thousands of cycling enthusiasts that is what it is like.


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