Monday, November 02, 2009

Role Model

This is one of the reasons why Sofian Ismail is a triathlon legend, a role model and an all round good guy. In the recent ITU Long Distance World Championships he was Malaysia's first ever finisher (as far as I know) but it seems like he spent most of the race cheering the other competitors on and cheering the spectators for all their hard work and support. Very Cool.

I saw him out running again on Sunday morning and he gets noticeably quicker (and slimmer) everytime I see him. His smile gets broader too (if that's physically possible, he's always had the biggest smile around when training/racing). Would I be wrong in thinking that Sofian has discovered yet another, higher level of passion for this great sport?

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Bandit said...

I would call Sofian a cool character. He knows what to do, how to do it.. BAM!! and he does it!

I have 20 years to 'catch up' with him, but by then, me being 50++ and him being 70++, he'd most likely set new heights.. hence more catching up to do..

Is he a role model- DEFINITELY..