Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Do you have Athlete's Heart Syndrome?

(Courtesy of my buddy Tristemmet and Dr Larry's Blog Page)

Simon says: - "A buddy of mine recently had a bit of a scare when his doctor told him his heart rate was seriously low and needed to visit a cardiologist. My resting heart rate dances around 38-41 and during my annual medical check up they always give me an "A" rating for everything but a "B" rating for my unusually low heart rate!!!! It doesn't seem to matter how much I explain to them what I've been doing over the years to get my heart rate that low they still give me a "B".

From what I can work out, if you have blood pressure problems, dizzy spells, a irregular heart beat or palpitations then you should get it looked at. If on the other hand your overweight, cigarette smoking, pizza eating, beer guzzling doctor doesn't understand what a fit heart is supposed to do then I suggest you do see another doctor PERMANENTLY."

Check out the link below.

Athletes Heart Syndrome

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