Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A quick update from Ngae

As many of you will know Ngae had a brain tumour removed soon after Langkawi Ironman this year. He's well and truly on the mend and has been seen in several events since then including Powerman.

Ngae had a check up last week with MRI scans etc and was told to lay off the racing and have another check up in 3 months. He asked me to update his friends. He did say though that he will be in Langkawi supporting - so make sure you look out for him and give him a big cheer.


nurina said...

Big hug for him, really enjoyed catching up with him during Terry Fox run, keep him in my prayers and hope to see him back on track in a few months time. Cheers to our kain pelikat chairman

QuickSport said...

ngae! your determination in sports has inspired many others. Get well soon and we shall see you in racing arena ;)

from Yong@Quick-sport