Monday, May 03, 2010

Child discipline - where to draw the line?

(Courtesy of Nick Flynn)

A touchy subject at the best of times Child discipline, I mean just how tough should you get? I feel like a monster when I make Sid and Seb stand facing the corner of the room when they've been fighting. But having looked at this photo, clearly the envelope can be pushed a little further.


Brybrarobry said...

That's a crazy photo!!! That lion's in peril. What if that kid starting pulling on his fur and hurting him. That's just animal cruelty. Crazy. haha.


Simon said...

Interesting perspective B, Reid sure is going to grow up being one hell of a hard MoFo.

(Or in a psychiatric ward).

Loved the "get the boy out of bed" video

Brybrarobry said...

haha. True, so true. glad you liked the video.


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