Monday, May 10, 2010

Official Photo

Here I am with Shilpa, my lovely wife, at the launch of the new BMW 5 Series. As we entered they had a full on photos studio type of set up and 5 series BMW's from times gone past. Very cool. Naturally we didn't spend too much time there and headed to the bar where the free low champagne started flowing. Moving on to a gourmet dinner accompanied by different wine with each course. This was all polished off with cognac and a selection a wonderful Cuban cigars.

Apparently there was a few new 5 Series unveiled too but I was a bit worse for wear by then. Actually the new 5 is awesome but it just doesn't look that different from the one I already have to get me coveting it just yet.

The evening ended with Shilpa driving her car home and somehow me getting my car home - my tri training was screwed for several days of course (in fact I think I still have a hangover) but we had a good night and that's what counts. It was particularly good as Shilpa had also finished 3 more papers of her MBA so she was carefree and having fun too without worrying about needing to study.


Brybrarobry said...

Your a great looking couple. Actually, I just realized that Shilpa makes you look good. When I cover her photo up and just see you, I go "ahhh", then when I uncover her and see the two of you together, you look good. Obviously you married well. haha. Just kidding. You still look scary beside her.

Simon said...

Hey no need to apologise for the truth. I know I'm an ugly mutt and yes she makes me look good.

(Pleased to say I never had the dodgy moustache though - haha)