Sunday, May 02, 2010

Ironman - Given it his all

Now this guy gave it everything in Ironman Saint George, Utah yesterday - he is close to death but still telling us he had fun and still drinking a post race beer in between throwing up. The man in question is Bryan Payne aka @brybrarobry (twitter) - he's one hell of a competitor, huge fun and an all round good bloke - check out his blog at - always a good read especially when torturing his son Reid (who incidentally,is currently in the process of extracting US$1000 from Bryan in a bet they had).


Brybrarobry said...

hahahaha. That guy on the video is priceless. I've never seen a more handsome and well rounded person in my entire life. This guy is an inspiration and should be in a Coors light commercial.



Simon said...

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