Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Ironman China open for entries - 29th May 2011

So at last the site is open and taking entries from Friday onwards. Looks like this is the one then and since the actual date is one week later than advertised it gives me an additional week to train which considering my current weight and state of fitness it's a pretty good thing I reckon.

On that note I have some stuff to say about my Mojo or lack of it and now with Kona a distant memory, Christmas and the New Year out of the way, China resolved and soon to be accepting entries not to mention a couple of enormous kicks up the bum I think I have some good news. Watch this space - I need to find a bit of time and also to be sure of my current direction and see whether I can stay on course.


JohnP said...

I hear the athlete dinner is to die for!

Eat up. Lots! Yum Yum! :)

Simon said...

It only affected those athletes that felt the need to eat the flesh of murdered animals.

Strangely, all the vegetarians were fine haha.

Veggie power! - revenge was sweet!

One althete who go sick on the spag. bol. also got sick on the local beer...any guesses who that might have been? haha I guess he had a natural weak stomach on all fronts.

Elenamary said...

came looking to find other triathletes heading to the china ironman (70.3). Your ticking time clock as left me even more nervous ;-)
best of luck!

Simon said...

E, yep, it's getting close but provided it's not too hot then I think the course should be manageble. Don't forget to look me up and say high when you're there, it's always great to meet up.

And good luck to you of course.