Friday, November 11, 2011

Miri Sprint Distance Triathlon 2011

As always Miri hosted a fabulous weekend of Triathlons. The atmosphere was brilliant and I got to meet many old friends again and make many new ones.

I turned up not expecting much, my fitness has been slowly improving but I felt a long way from my best and am still 7-10kg over race weight and seemingly unable to drop any despite regular 20 hour training weeks.

I met my buddy Razani who has been dominating Triathlons in the region for probably the last 20 years. He's my age and consequently has been someone I've looked up to and respected ever since I entered the sport. I shared with him my lack of race readiness which was probably a mistake considering the outcome, I wouldn't blame him for thinking I was talking BS and playing games with him (I wasn't, honestly).

So to the races. Saturday was the Sprint distance, 750m swim, 20k bike and 5k run. I have been working quite hard on my swim, it's still rubbish but less rubbish which is especially important in a drafting race format like this. The gun went and the waves weren't really a factor unlike last year. I felt I had a great swim and was very pleased to come out with Steve Lumley.

A long run up the beach, through the hotel grounds and onto Gladys, my trusty stead. Within a couple of k we'd caught a few riders and in particular Razani. I assumed that he'd be faster on the run so conspired with Steve to try to drop him on the steep hill about 3k into the race...shhhh..."OK Steve, let's go, GO GO GO..." I got 3/4 of the way up the hill and saw someone hanging on to my back wheel. It must be Steve I thought but checked anyway. Ooooooooo Nooooooo it was Razani. We'd dropped everyone else by miles.

I instantly backed off and dropped behind him. I needed to do something and fast, he was blowing hard but the top of the hill was coming so I knew my window of opportunity was small. I slipped Gladys into the big chain ring (loving my Di2, changing gears like that on a hill is a dream). Paused a couple more seconds and then BANG, I sprinted to the top of the hill, across the flat top and then accelerated down before looking behind. I even impressed myself with the gap I'd created, I was free.

Now all I had to do is stay ahead of the pack that was invariably reforming behind me. At the turnaround I caught Barrie Lee and another guy. I took one look at them and knew they weren't going to be able to help. I towed them all the way back to the hill and then the buggers dropped me haha. I caught them again before transition but then big respect to them they just ran away from me.

The run didn't feel good to start with, I felt sluggish and lumpy. After about 500m all was good and I was into my stride.

At the turnaround I saw that I was 5th overall and first in the over 40s category. I was far enough ahead of Razani to ensure the win provided I didn't break down or fall over.

Job done, pleased that the new boy Steve didn't kick my butt and as surprised as much as pleased with the outcome. Tomorrow however is the real race.

The spoils for the win was RM500 (USD165), sweet, that's the flight paid for.

Total time 1:01:06


TriStupe said...

u looked amazingly fast on the bike. Must be the color of the beast. :)

And of course those legs ;-)

Simon said...

Thanks buddy, haha the shirt is to scare the opposition. The legs are just for show :)