Tuesday, November 01, 2011

My 10 cents worth!

Simon says: -
I saw this quote by Chrissie Wellington on Twitter a few days ago. What she says is nothing new to me nor many others I suspect. I've been saying it for years but it's nice to know that someone so gifted suffers too, indeed she reaffirms that suffering is an essential part of success.

I had a great couple of races this past weekend (write-ups to come), I didn't expect much as my training has been rubbish, especially my long runs - I've been suffering with no apparent benefits.

BUT... As it turned out I didn't suffer in either of the races, I won my age-group in both of them and had two of the easiest and fastest runs of my life. It just goes to show that not only can tough and frustrating training days really help you deal with tough phases of a race but they can also deliver you the perfect day (and even eliminate any tough periods)!

Suffer on friends - it's all worth it. If you do it often enough, consistently enough then there is only one inevitable result - SUCCESS. (And this holds true for every aspect of life not just sports!)

“It’s important to hurt in training and to learn to suffer a bit. Embrace fatigue and pain—welcome it and develop strategies to embrace it. If it doesn’t hurt, you’re not working hard enough. You’re not always going to have easy days in training—you’re going to be frustrated and have a bad day and it’s important to learn to endure those in training. When you experience it in a race, you’ve already encountered it and can have that peace of mind.”
~ Chrissie Wellington

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