Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Fergie vs Halle Berry

OK folks it's official Adrian of klingklngman has thrown in the towel, withdrawn his Fergie vs Halle Berry poll 12 hours early after overwhelming odds in favour of Fergie.

I have to say that Adrian did enquire whether I'd been cheating, which I was a little shocked about; but even some of my own contacts (that I was legally lobbying in the contest) suggested that drumming up support was undemocratic and underhand! WELL I NEVER!

However, I have taken these comments in my stride especially as they pale into insignificance when compared to the turncoat traitors that voted for Halle Berry.

There I was, honestly and fairly lobbying most of my address list and can you believe it some of my "friends" voted against me - you know who you are - Ashley, Julie, Hayley, Emma, Sue ... the list goes on but needless to say you're all off my Christmas card list.

Anyway a big thank you to all you guys that voted for Fergie. And just in case there is any misunderstanding about this poll; it wasn't about whether Halle Berry or Fergie were the sexiest or the most beautiful, or about winning a beer, it was just about WINNING.

With that achieved I can now openly say that although Fergie is Raunchy Sexy, you wouldn't want to take her home to Mum. Halle Berry on the other hand is not only sexy but gorgeous and certainly is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Therefore Adrian, I concede the Poll beer but will put another one on the outcome of Powerman if you're up for it?


Adrian said...

absolutely NO chance of a Powerman wager with you! I fully expect to see you crossing the finish line as I enter T2!

happy birthday to 'er indoors and selamat deepavali.

see you on sunday. i am very excited - saw World Champ Joerie in BikePro today!

Simon said...

I was rather expecting some scathing comments regarding the poll???!!!! Come on dude don't let me down, let me have it between the eyes. As for Powerman I think you're a bit out on the timing but I'll give you a 20 minute handicap - what do you say one beer?