Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wanted Second Hand Woman's Bike - 49 or 50cm

Two of my running friends are just about to launch their long awaited Duathlon and Triathlon careers - they are both currently using borrowed bikes so they are looking to buy themselves their own mounts.

They're looking for anything that is competitive ride-wise and a good price of course. So anyone looking to off-load a 49cm or 50cm road or tri bike please leave your contact details under comments at the bottom and I will pass them on.

Time is very short as they are going to throw some money at a bike shop in the next week or two so please get in touch this week if you can.




Karoline said...

Hi Simon.I've been toying with the idea to get a new toy. Will check the size of my bike when I get home. It's been with me for some tri's and du's. Not a super fancy bike if your friends are just looking for a bike for a start. Karoline 012-3245620.

Karoline said...

Hi Simon,just wondering if you have any triathlete girl friends who are looking for brand new size 12 Orca triathlon tights and top?I have 2 tights, 2 sports bra and a tri top. My sis who is back from Auckland had bought them for me. I currently have a set of Orca tri top and bottom in size 12 that fits me perfectly, however, the size 12 now is a larger than before and is too loose for me.Rather than going through the hassle of exchanging it back in NZ and posting to Malaysia, I would like to sell them off. I don't know any other lady triatheletes who is bigger than me!Perhaps you might know some who are looking for Orca,like your 2 running mates? Hope you can pass the word around to your lady triathelte friends,I suspect they might be interested as Orca is not available here. Thanks!

Simon said...

Hi Karoline, can you leave your email address so I can contact you? Alternatively email me direct using the link under my profile. Cheers, Simon