Monday, November 12, 2007

Powerman 2007 - Damage Report

Mmmm! Or should I say OUUUUUCCCCHHHH!

Some races are useful to get good feedback on how race ready one is. Powerman has certainly given me some feedback - and that is I CAN'T WALK ANYMORE!

I knew I wasn't totally race fit and especially for a high intensity race but I'd run three successive marathons in training for the previous three weeks and 2 out of three of those weeks I'd preceded the run with a 200k ride the day before, so I thought I'd be OK. I WAS WRONG.

I ran the first 11k in a little over 42 minutes which I was happy with although it wasn't a controlled run.

I started on the bike with high cadence and what seemed like a decent pace - then Tanya Randall (NZ) who was doing the sprint distance rode past me - nothing wrong with being beaten by a girl but I usually am stronger on the bike.

[Note: Tanya won the women's Sprint race - well done, she was looking awesome. Thanks also for the encouragement when you went past - Having said that I'll try not to let it happen again]

Then Kristoff came past me (he was doing the sprint as he is recovering from injury), I was not too phased as he is an "Elite" racer - although after the race he asked me what was wrong with my bike - in all seriousness!!!

Despite these issues I still thought I was doing OK - Danny went past me like a tornado but not one else did and I reeled in no end of people including Cecil who seemed to be out on a gentle cruise.

Having said that before the end of the first lap Don rode past me. At that point I was starting to ask myself questions. I decided that Don would be my rabbit and I'd pace him for the rest of the ride and see what happened on the run. I sat in behind him the requisite 3 bike lengths behind to stay out of the drafting zone and stuck with his pace.

CONFESSION: On the way back in the second lap Don went up a slope leading to a bridge and slowed, the gap between us closed. A draft marshal came up from behind and although I'd already pulled over to the right he gave me a warning. At which point Don sat up and gave me a right bollocking for being too close - thanks mate! I don't blame him though, I'd be more than a little frustrated if he'd been pacing off me for the whole race.

I still stand by the fact that draft cheats should be executed at the prize giving and riders such as myself with a warning should receive a swift flogging - it's got to be more entertaining that the band that was playing in Lumut!

Back to the race, I came into transition together with Don expelling his bike show into the middle of the course, this brought a wry smile to my face - that was until I dismounted my bike - the pain was excruciating, I couldn't walk. I hobbled towards the bike stands and realised I was in for a fairly unpleasant 10k.

I was first in my category coming out of T2 but having passed Iwata only in the last 10k of the bike I knew he'd be rocketing past soon - especially in my current predicament. I could barely breath and it was clear that my right Achilles was shot.

Don hobbled past me clearly having problems with his right quad but he soon settled down and cruised off into the distance. Iwata of course came by as did a few others. My chin was rubbing a hole in my chest as I ground out the last 10k. I'm not going to write much more about it because it will only bring back painful memories that I'm working hard on suppressing.

The amazing Marianna caught me up with about 3k to go but somehow I managed to stay ahead until the finish line - she's going to kick butt at the SEA games though. I caught Danny with 500 metres to go which was a consolation at least. My second 10k was a little over 52 minutes which is really woeful considering my first 11k time.

Unfortunately, I heard afterwards that Kimberley Yap, the reigning SEA games Gold medalist for triathlon had to pull out of the race. Not sure why but I'm sure she'll be back in action to defend her title.

So what else did I learn? I learnt that I am still slightly faster than Sam (sad fact is he is 57 years old) but now he owes me a case of beer to prove it.

I learnt that KK really does have more money than sense as he bet a case of beer that he's be within 17 1/2 minutes of me, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

I also learnt that if you put enough pressure on someone they will take a bet that they really don't want to make (also 17 1/2 minutes); sorry Randy but you weren't that far off catching me.

So three cases of beer and a pint from Adrian (I had to give him an hour handicap) - we will have to have a bit of a get together to drink the beer as this was clearly KK's plan from the off. Sam will only have a half a shandy anyway and I feel for Randy so the least he deserves is to get drunk on the proceeds.

I ended up 3rd in my category and RM700 richer which may have to go to a physiotherapist. Great race though, excellent organisation as usual - I'm looking forward to hearing that the Malakoff duathlon series will be reinstated next year????

Damage Summary: -
1) Right Achilles - torn/strained
2) Left Hamstring - 4 inches shorter than it should be
3) Right Hamstring - 5 inches shorter than it should be with shooting pain at the back of the knee
4) Glutes - Aaaaaggggggghhhh
5) Right lower leg - calf shot, terrible shin splints
6) Left lower leg - calf shot
7) Quads - they feel like I just ran down the side of Mount Everest with a heavy rucksack

Bangkok Marathon next Sunday - Mmmmmmmmm!!....Not a problem!

Ironman Western Australia in three weeks - As I've said since doing MDS - Ironman's are for children and I have not changed my view - (No bets though thank you very much - unless the odds are generously in my favour of course).

[Pictures courtesy of Tey's Site, Squirrel's Site and klingklangman]


Anonymous said...

Well Done for Powerman Mr Cross....u did very well under the circumstances (i.e. getting over pneumonia) for Ironman Busselton, ( since I couldn't record my message on ur phone this morning), "I told you so" will be on the cards if you do BKK Marathon....overtrained, injured and all don't want to ruin it especially since u've been planning it for months...from your supporter Dr Shilpa

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Pls email me ,for me to send u orginal size foto ya...!!

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